EMIS Mirroring Guidelines

Important: This document describes the currently preferred version of mirroring with the EMIS rsync server.

Creating Mirror Sites of EMIS with rsync

Please follow these instructions to create a new mirror site. If youonly want to update an existing mirror site or switch from old-stylemirroring via FTP to the current procedure via RSYNC, then please click here.

It is assumed that you will do this on a UNIX platform (e.g., Linux).


System and Hardware requirements

The mirror should run on a UNIX workstation with installed and publicly accessible HTTP server (see below). This machine can be used also for other purposes than providing mirroring of EMIS. In any case, it should be checked that the disk space available for EMIS is sufficient.

Disk space reserved for EMIS should be no less than 100 gigabytes. EMIS has been growing at a rate of almost 40% per year over the past years. With the growth rate expected to slow down somewhat in 2010, a disk/partition size of 100 GB will ensure sufficient space to about until the end of 2011, but probably not through the whole of 2012.

Software requirements

Install a HTTP-server, e.g. NCSA httpd, if you don't already have one. Get the newest version form the original site or ask archie for your nearest mirror site.Follow the included instructions to compile and install it. This should be easy.

If you want the mirror to be accessible via ftp, enable anonymous FTP. If you don't already have a ftpd, use wu-ftpd.

Install the rsync software following the included instructions. This is easy.

If you want the mirror to be accessible via rsync, you must configure an rsync server, see the rsyncd.conf documentation for details.

Configure your system

The files of the EMIS-mirror will go to the "/pub/EMIS/" directory of your anonymous ftp area. (If you don't plan to make the mirror accessible via ftp, use another path.) Create this directory:

cd /??path-to-anon-ftp-root??/pub/ mkdir EMIS chown ??user?? EMIS chmod 755 EMIS

In order to access them via http, create a link called "EMIS" in your http-Documenthierarchy to the ftp directory:

cd /??http-Document-Path?? ln -s /??path-to-anon-ftp-root??/pub/EMIS EMIS

In case you would like to call the server "www.emis.??your-country??" please do

ln -s /??path-to-anon-ftp-root??/pub/EMIS /??http-Document-Path??

instead. You will then have to obtain a domain "emis.??your-country??" from your local authorities and configure an appropriate DNS nameserver for this domain. (Ask the author of this document for more info.)

Configure the mirror system to copy updated files. Add the following line to ??user??'s crontab:

MM HH * * * \ rsync -Craz --stats --partial \ ftp.emis.de::EMIS_mirror /??path-to-anon-ftp-root??/pub/EMIS

This should be one line.

This will update your mirror every day at the given time and send you a mail about what happened. Please agree about the time with the maintainer of the master site.

That's it

Now check and double check the configuration. Look at the mirroring process for some days. Check all links. If you think that everything runs O.K. register your server at the master site.

European and International Mirror Servers

The EMIS services are available from a number of mirror sites that replicate the whole contents of the server.