Statistics is one of the largest fields in the mathematical sciences. It deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics is applied to many other disciplines such as the physical and social sciences, business and government. This page intends to help you find relevant data dealing with the subject statistics in our databases and the web.


The list gives an overview of the most important glossaries covering terms which are relevant in statistics. What is statistics? Find definitions and keywords in:

Subfields in Zentralblatt

The classification scheme MSC 2010 can been used to facilitate retrieval of relevant data. Statistics is classified generally as 62-XX.


Statistics in STMA-Z
The literature database STMA-Z contains the entries of ZBMATH regarding statistics tooled with data of former "Statistical Theory and Method Abstracts" edited by the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

  • Recent handbooks or dictionaries in statistics (MSC 62-00): → STMA-Z
  • Recent textbooks or monographies in statistics (MSC 62-01)::→ STMA-Z
  • Recent proceedings in statistics (MSC 62-06):: → STMA-Z

Statistics in the JFM Database
The literature database JFM covers the years 1868-1942. Not all documents in the database have yet been classified according to the MSC 2010 and provided with English keywords. Please use the advanced menu and search for the subject heading "Combinationslehre und Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie" or "Statistik" - the last chapter was first established 1916.

Statistics in MathEduc
The literature database MathEduc contains more than 2000 references to documents regarding mathematical education and statistics. The classifications concerning this matter are K40 (Descriptive statistics), K50 (Probability theory), K60 (Distributions and stochastic processes), K70 (Statistical inference), K80 (Correlation and regression), K90 (Applied statistics). Many entries are interesting not only for teachers but also for students and laymen.

Statistical Software in
The informatics portal contains material about statistical software for example SAS, SPSS, S-PLUS, MINITAB, BMDP, MATLAP, etc.

Journals and Serial with Topic Statistics
Below is a list of journals covered by ZBMATH with the main focus on statistics. Please note that in general, no - specialized journals for mathematics may also contain articles concerning statistics.

History of Statistics

History of Statistics in STMA-Z

Web Pages about Statisticians

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