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Sat. 1 March 2003 Lumière going to Savannah!
As Sourceforge is going against free software mainstream, gnu opened its own development website, we have the pleasure to be able to host our project there, like lots of others.
Big thanks go to the savannah hackers for their work. Use it to report bugs and to provide support, or even to grab the CVS...
Tue. 11 February 2003 Lumière 0.4 released!
This is it, support for libxine AND mplayer! More portability and more gnome integration.
And best of all: GLplay, lumiere now plays on 3D objects! And it kicks!

Mon. 04 February 2003 Lumière 0.2 in the Cooker!
What a surprise, you can now get a packaged version of lumiere for your nice Linux Mandrake system.
Lumiere is in the contribs of the cooker on any mandrake mirror.

Mon. 04 February 2003 Lumière 0.3 released!
Well, it was released two weeks ago but I was too lazy to update this page...
Lots of goodies: GConf support (ability to configure lots of useful things), preliminary dvd support, more controls...

Sat. 11 January 2003 Lumière 0.2 released!
Finally, a usable public release!
It works on Mandrake 9.0 and Mandrake cooker. You need the latest mplayer release (0.90rc2). It will not work without it.
Install it in your GNOME prefix, absolutely. There are a few issues left as is, they should be fixed in 0.3 (need resize of the nautilus window for the movie to fill it, fullscreen mode not working properly with metacity -- working with sawfish though --, sometimes crashes when you load a new file, not always..., need to set the background colour properly in fullscreen mode, and so on), these are minor, it works and is usable, even in nautilus.
Do not hesitate to feedback on it!
Sat. 4 January 2002 Lumière 0.1 released!
Here we go, first public release, enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: There is still LOTS of work to do on this, the big step is done though.

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