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26 March 2004
Lumiere 0.5 is available for download. This is the first release of a new type of player for GNOME
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What is Lumiere?

Lumiere is a media player, it just plays audio and video files. It is meant to work with Linux and alikes, not Windows.

Lumiere is a GNOME frontend to libxine from the xine project. It has the looks of XMMS or Winamp and integrates seemlessly with the Gnome Desktop. It uses most of the Gnome technologies available (Intercommunication, configuration registry, session management...).

Lumiere features a player with playlist management, visual effects, notification icon, a server mode. It can be used as a Nautilus "Viewer" and registers itself with the right-click menu of nautilus.

Lumiere depends on libxine to play medias, it will play only what is supported by your libxine (a default installation should handle most media types).

Lumiere is not aggressive with your computer, it needs little resources (if you use GNOME) and will not keep a hand on your audia or video hardware when not playing.

This is an Open Source project, made by its author and inspired at a lot of other open source projects. It was written for fun with no commitment at all. It happens that now, I use it every day as I find it flexible enough for my use.

Lumiere 0.5 is out!

This release is the first one that I like enough to say "it is usable!". Find it on the dowload page.

User information

Lumiere 0.5
Lumiere Skin
  • Play mp3, ogg, DivX;-), DVDs, Audio CDs...
  • Integrate fully with the Gnome desktop (mime-types, drag'n drop, notification area...)
  • Keep it it memory, it won't keep your audio or XVideo devices busy
  • Use it with Mozilla or Galeon, through mozilla-bonobo
  • Hey, it follows mostly the "Human Interface Guidelines" from, this means standard key shortcuts, standard menus, application registry registration, standard secondary windows... It works fine with Gnopernicus screen reader.
  • It is time to throw away XMMS...

Free Download: Source tarball, More to come (send contributed builds!).


Lumiere 0.5
    Lumiere Skin
  • The skin window , this is where you control your player instance (you can have many of these).
  • Lumiere Controls
  • The controls window , this is where you can adjust video properties or the equalizer.
  • Lumiere Playlist
  • The playlist window , you can have any types of media in the playlist, it remembers the last playlist when you quit.
  • Lumiere Embedded in Galeon
  • Lumiere as a plugin for mozilla , mozilla-bonobo does the work, lumiere is a GNOME component.
  • Information window
  • Information about the media , information about the file being played or about the selected file in the playlist.
  • Lumiere Nautilus Viewer
  • Lumiere as a Nautilus Viewer , you can open a file directly in nautilus this way.
  • Lumiere Player
  • The player window , you need this one only if there is video or you use the visualization effects.
  • That's it... try it if you want. Hope it works fine with you too!