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Mar 8 2006: German Manual

A draft version of the German manual is now available in the documentation section.

Jun 7 2005: Enigma 0.92 Released


Apr 26 2005: Enigma 0.91 Released

As usual some unexpected bugs crop up shortly after a "stable" release. Enigma 0.91 fixes the following problems that occurred with Enigma 0.90:

Apr 20 2005: Enigma 0.90 Released

The new stable release of Enigma has finally been released, after having been in development for almost 18 months. The list of new and improved features includes:

Jan 02 2005: Web Forum for Enigma

Thanks to the untiring effort of "illmind" we now have a web forum for Enigma and BlackBallEd, the Enigma level editor. If you need help with certain levels, or want to exchange ideas and levels, this is a good place to start.

Jan 26 2005: Enigma 0.90 Release Candidate!

As always, please consult the download page. Have fun!

Nov 04 2004: Beta version of Enigma 0.90

I am happy to announce, after a long hiatus, the first public test release of Enigma in more than a year. It's available from the download page. Since the purpose of a test release is to uncover and fix as many problems as possible, please do report all the bugs that you find to the Enigma mailing list. Have fun!

Jan 05 2004: Download problems

As you may have noticed, the links on the download page currently do not work. For the time being, a few of the packages are available from my personal home page. We expect the main download server to be back in the next few weeks and hope to release Enigma 0.90 shortly after that. So stay tuned!

Oct 12 2003: Enigma 0.81 released

This release fixes a few problems that surfaced in version 0.80. In particular, it doesn't automatically restart the level whenever you die.

Right now, only the source code and an installer for Windows are available; packages for other operating systems will follow in the next few days or weeks.

Oct 09 2003: Enigma 0.80 finally available

Download it here.

Sep 24 2003: User manual online

See here.

Sep 14 2003: Beta Release

It's now almost half a year since we made the last stable release of Enigma. A lot has happened in the meantime, and we are now approaching the release of version 0.80. If you want to help us fix the remaining bugs, please download and test it from the download page.

Feb 26 2003: New packages

New RPM packages are available from the download page. If the old one did not work for you, you may want to give them a try; the new packages are known to work with Redhat 7.3, SuSE 7.3, and Mandrake 9.0.

Feb 16 2003: Enigma 0.70 is out!

Get it from the Download page. Here is a short list of changes in this release:

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