Stable Release (Version 1.00)

Please report problems with any of these packages to the Enigma mailing list.

The 'Minimum' and 'Source' packages do not include the 'Previews' package. The packages are still complete as missing previews are generate on the fly at the cost of a few seconds at the first level menu calls.

All packages are available at Berlios.

Packages for some other operating systems are made available by third parties:

Compiling from Source Code

Enigma depends on four additional libraries: SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_image, and SDL_mixer. Most GNU/Linux systems come with these libraries pre-installed these days. You may need '-devel' versions of these packages if you intend to compile Enigma from source. If your distribution does not provide the necessary packages, you can download them from the following web sites:

Development version

Enigma's development version can be downloaded from its source code repository. Please refer to the development page for instructions.

Older versions

Older releases of Enigma are available from

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