Score Registration

Starting with Enigma 1.00 beta you can register your scores.

First you need to choose a unique user name in the options menu. Please look at the users list if your favorite name is not in use by someone else.

For registration of your scores just send us your 'enigma.score' file that is located at your 'user path' as described in the manual. Please send this file to with subject 'score - username'.

The scores are evaluated on a monthly base. Please do not send your score file after every good score that you achieved. Once at the end of the month is sufficient. The first score collection date is the 4th December 2006. Afterwards it is always the end of a month.

The updated statistics will be downloaded to your computer if you set the ratings update option to 'Auto'. Enigma will peek the server only a few times per month, independent how often you start the application. The network traffic is very low as just increments are downloaded and you will receive all updates within a few days.

If you play most times offline and set the update option to 'Never' you may manually download the ratings update file ratings.xml. Extract the file from the zip and copy it to your 'user path' aside your 'enigma.score' file.

Documentation for Enigma 1.00

The complete user manual is included in multiple languages with every release of Enigma. You can additionally access it from this site or download a PDF version of the document.

No other translations of the Enigma manual are available so far. Please send an email to if you would like to contribute a translation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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