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[openrisc] Automake bug for or1ksim


I've discovered a couple of minor problems when compiling the
or1ksim with (a too recent?) automake. 

1. The entry debug/Makefile is duplicated within the AC_OUTPUT tag in
   configure.in causing automake to fail.

2. The depcomp file is missing. This can be solved by running automake
   with the --add-missing flag.

Otherwise - so far, so good ;)
// Daniel

Daniel Wiklund, MScEE, Lic Eng
Computer Engineering, ISY
Linköping University      Phone:
581 83 Linköping          Work    +46 13 28 8965
Sweden                    Home    +46 11 701 59
danwi@isy.liu.se          Mobile  +46 70 3215698
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