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[openrisc] Next step after uClinux port?


I am porting ucllinux on my fpga board with or1200. but i have some
Please help me. I'm first in this filed.

<current status>
. ported orpmon and uclinux
. boot uclinux image via tftp of orpmon
. successfully ran 'sash', 'ifconfig','route' in userland , also my
applcation C code ( simple input/output to port)
. cache on both
. console : uart
. can boot with romfs or ramfs
. Clock :25MHz, RAM: SDRAM 64MB, ROM: 8MB

<problem >
. can't ping to localhost with unreachable but can ping to another
machine with 20~50% loss
. and another problem is
- when an app program was compiled with
can't compiled continuously with implicit error
- without '-Werror-implicit-function-declaration', and if run that
program on ulinux box
uclinux displays the message 'exec format error'
* I guess this problem is related with flat format and libarary but i am
sure not

I searched internet or this mailing list for above problem but i could
not find the solution clearly.
Plz let me know what should i do ?

best regards!

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