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Re: [openrisc] Debugging application

* Scott Furman (sfurman@rosum.com) wrote:
> Robert Cragie wrote:
> >Is it possible that there is an incompatibility with GCC 3.2.3 and GDB 5.0?
> >GDB 5.0 is rather old now. If so, do I need to try to use a later version 
> >of
> >GDB with OpenRISC additions?
> > 
> >
> Yes - there are apparently symbol name incompatibilities between gcc 
> 3.2.3 and gdb 5.0.  The situation is even worse if you try to debug C++ 
> code since gdb 5.0 apparently does not support the compiler's revamped 
> mangling scheme.
> For these reasons, I offered my port of OpenRISC gdb from version 5.0 to 
> 5.3 on the openrisc list .  (This is a straightforward port - with 
> minimal target-specific code changes.)  I had no response to that 
> offer.  If there's interest now and agreement from the OpenCores 
> maintainers, I can still check it in to OpenCores CVS.  I've been using 
> gdb 5.3 for several months now and though it has its quirks, it seems to 
> work significantly better then gdb 5.0 on the OpenRISC target.

i've had to miss this. anyway go ahead, please import your gdb-5.3 
into opencores cvs (probably best to do it under new directory). 

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