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Re: [openrisc] Debugging application

Robert Cragie wrote:

>Is it possible that there is an incompatibility with GCC 3.2.3 and GDB 5.0?
>GDB 5.0 is rather old now. If so, do I need to try to use a later version of
>GDB with OpenRISC additions?
Yes - there are apparently symbol name incompatibilities between gcc 
3.2.3 and gdb 5.0.  The situation is even worse if you try to debug C++ 
code since gdb 5.0 apparently does not support the compiler's revamped 
mangling scheme.

For these reasons, I offered my port of OpenRISC gdb from version 5.0 to 
5.3 on the openrisc list .  (This is a straightforward port - with 
minimal target-specific code changes.)  I had no response to that 
offer.  If there's interest now and agreement from the OpenCores 
maintainers, I can still check it in to OpenCores CVS.  I've been using 
gdb 5.3 for several months now and though it has its quirks, it seems to 
work significantly better then gdb 5.0 on the OpenRISC target.

As far as seeing incorrect variable values, I find that the debugger is 
occasionally mistaken about identifying the line of source code it is 
about to execute.  Stepping another instruction or two will make things 
right.  (This is a general problem I've noticed with gdb on many 
platforms - not just OpenRISC.)


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