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Re: [oc] 2D FFT using radix 4 complex fft

As I need a 2D ("Spatial") FFT for image processing, could anybody post an example code, e.g. a wrapper for the "radix4 complex fft" from Zhaom. 
Thanks very much in advance.
Zhaom, thanks very much for your reply.

Do you have some example code for utilizing this core for 2D images? Any help is greatly appreciated!

>The "radix 4 complex fft" core do not need multiplier,
>It use cordic to realize complex rotation.

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Subject: [oc] 2D FFT using radix 4 complex fft

> Could anybody help me in how to implement a 2D FFT core for image
> processing by 2 times instantiation of the "radix 4 complex fft" core? 
> (which runs in 1D and is temporal instead of spatial)
> Additionally, what changes have to be done to utilize the Virtex-II
> multipliers here?
> Thanks very much!

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