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 SPAM Counter Attack!

If you'd like to have your voice heard regarding SPAM mail, why don't you consider writing a letter to your representative?

If you're not sure of who your representatives are, check the Congressional websites:

The postal addresses for your members are:
The Honorable (Senator name) The Honorable (Rep. name) Washington, DC 20510 Washington, DC 20515

The letter doesn't have to be long... two paragraphs is as effective as 10 pages. And you don't need to write different letters, the same one can be sent to each Member. (Just remember to change the mailing address!)

 Linux-Access Web Pages

The Center for Disabled Student Services at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City Utah, today announced it's newly re-designed linux-access web pages. linux-access is a mailing list hosted by CDSS which is used by both developers and users of the Linux operating system in order to aid development and integration of access related technology into the Linux OS and available software.

Both users and developers of Linux are encouraged to join the mailing list and help Linux become more accessible to everyone. Among those encouraged to subscribe to the list are companies making Linux distributions so that they can incorporate access technology into their products as well as get valuable feedback from users.

Location of the new pages is at: http://ssv1.union.utah.edu/linux-access/.
Location of the blinux FTP mirror is at ftp://ssv1.union.utah.edu/pub/mirrors/blinux/.

An archive of the mailing list can be found on the Linux v2 Information HQ site at: http://www.linuxhq.com/lnxlists/linux-access/.

 Supreme Court Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court extended free-speech rights to cyberspace in its recent ruling striking down a federal law that restricted indecent pictures and words on the Internet computer network.

The court declared the law that bans the dissemination of sexually explicit material to anyone younger than 18 unconstitutional.

"Notwithstanding the legitimacy and importance of the congressional goal of protecting children from harmful materials, we agree ... that the statute abridges 'freedom of speech' protected by the First Amendment," Justice John Paul Stevens said for the court majority in the 40-page opinion.

The ruling represented a major victory for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and groups representing libraries, publishers and the computer on-line industry, which brought the lawsuit challenging the law.

 The Power OS

Matthew Borowski has created a new website featuring Linux information. Entitled "Linux - THE POWER OS", and featuring Linux links, software, help, and a discussion forum, Linux - THE POWER OS is also a member of the Linux Webring.

The software listing is top-of-the-line, featuring a list of powerful applications that will change the way you make use of Linux. The modem setup section will help you get your modem working under Linux, and the StarOffice-miniHOWTO will help fix Libc problems when installing Staroffice under Linux.

If you have a chance, visit "Linux - THE POWER OS" at: http://www.jnpcs.com/mkb/linux or http://www.mkb.home.ml.org/linux/

For more information write to mkb@poboxes.com

 June 1997 PowerPC Project

The Linux for PowerPC project announces its June 1997 CD of the Linux operating system for the PowerPC. The CD is the second release following the first one in January 1997. The June release is significantly faster and has improved memory handling. It now contains over 400 different software packages and everything needed to install and run Linux on any of the PowerPC machines manufactured by Be Inc, Apple Computer, IBM, Motorola and most other manufactures of PowerPC computers. Go to http://www.linuxppc.org/ to order your own CD or to find out more about

 Sunsite Link

Check out http://sunsite.unc.edu/paulc/liv

This lets you view the contents of SunSITE's /pub/Linux/Incoming directory, but extracts all the descriptions out of the map files (.lsm) and displays them in a table. It has links for 24 hours/7 day/14 day and 28 day lists.

 GLUE Announcement

Caldera has announced that it will give a free copy of OpenLinux Lite on CD-ROM for each group member of GLUE. Caldera, Inc. (http://www.caldera.com/) is located in Provo, Utah. For full details on GLUE and to register your group as a member, visit the GLUE web site at http://www.ssc.com/glue.

Software Announcements

 Woven Goods for LINUX

World-Wide Web (WWW) Applications and Hypertext-based Information about LINUX. It is ready configured for the Slackware Distribution and currently tested with Version 3.2 (ELF). The Power Linux LST Distribution contains this collection as an integral part with some changes.

The Collection consists of five Parts, so it can be used for multiple purposes depending on the installed Parts:

The five Parts of Woven Goods for LINUX are:

  1. World-wide Web Browser The World-wide Web Browser from Netscape for X11 and Lynx for ASCII terminals.
  2. LINUX Documents The LINUX Documents contain the HTML Pages of Woven Goods for LINUX, FAQs, HOWTOs, LDP Documents and more in different formats like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Text, PDF and Postscript.
  3. World-wide Web Server The Apache World-wide Web Server with additional CGI Scripts for Statistics, viewing MAN Pages and Counters, Glimpse Search Engine and the Documentation for Apache Server. Furthermore the Apache Module PHP/FI as well as the BSCW system and the necessary Python interpreter are included.
  4. Hypertext Markup Language The HTML-Editor asWedit allows the creation of HTML-Pages. Some Graphic Tools allow the creation and modification of GIFs.
  5. External Viewers The external Viewers are nessesary to present Information which can not be viewed by the WWW Browsers. Only the usefull Viewers (xanim, acroread, ia, raplayer, str, splay, swplayer, vrweb, etc.) are included which are not part of the Slackware Distribution (xv, ghostview, showaudio).

Availabilty & Download

Woven Goods for LINUX is available via anonymous FTP from: ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/Linux/woven


For Installation Instructions see the Installation Guide: ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/Linux/woven/README.install or http://www.fokus.gmd.de/linux/install.html

 Qbib Version 1.1

Qbib is a bibliography management system based on Qddb. Features include the Qddb database, import BibTeX .bib giles, custom export options and a friendly user-interface just to name a few.

For more information about Qbib (including an on-line manual), see http://www.hsdi.com/qddb/commercial

To order Qbib or other Qddb products/services, visit the Qddb store: http://www.hsdi.com/qddb/orders

 WipeOut Version 1.07

WipeOut is an integrated development environment for C++ and Java. It contains project manager, class browser, make tool, central text editor with syntax highlighting and a debugger frontend. WipeOut is available for Linux and SunOS/Solaris both under XView.

For the new release we have especially extended the class browser and the text editor. Check out the changes list for all new features and fixed bugs.

You can obtain the software and documentation at: http://www.softwarebuero.de/ndex-eng.html

Published in Linux Gazette Issue 19, July 1997

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