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About This Month's Authors

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson currently maintains the Tips-HOWTO, and writes episodes for a parody on Star Trek called Star Spek whilst going through highschool. Also fascinated with steam engines and a few months away from purchasing his first lathe, metalworking being one of numerous hobbies of his(get's expensive ya know!). Model rocketry, model airplanes, amateur science, inventing, antique engine collecting and electronics with a dash of old computer collecting are among his hobbies.

Larry Ayers

Larry Ayers lives on a small farm in northern Missouri, where he is currently engaged in building a timber-frame house for his family. He operates a portable band-saw mill, does general woodworking, plays the fiddle and searches for rare prairie plants, as well as growing shiitake mushrooms. He is also struggling with configuring a Usenet news server for his local ISP.

Boris Beletsky

Boris Beletsky is currently working as System Administrator at Institute Computer Science in Jerusalem, Israel. He is one of the Debian GNU/Linux developers.

John M. Fisk

John Fisk is most noteworthy as the former editor of the Linux Gazette. After three years as a General Surgery resident and Research Fellow at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, John decided to ":hang up the stethoscope":, and pursue a career in Medical Information Management. He's currently a full time student at the Middle Tennessee State University and hopes to complete a graduate degree in Computer Science before entering a Medical Informatics Fellowship. In his dwindling free time he and his wife Faith enjoy hiking and camping in Tennessee's beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. He has been an avid Linux fan, since his first Slackware 2.0.0 installation a year and a half ago.

Michael J. Hammel

Michael J. Hammel, is a transient software engineer with a background in everything from data communications to GUI development to Interactive Cable systems--all based in Unix. His interests outside of computers include 5K/10K races, skiing, Thai food and gardening. He suggests if you have any serious interest in finding out more about him, you visit his home pages at You'll find out more there than you really wanted to know.

Mike List

Mike List is a father of four teenagers, musician, printer (not laserjet), and recently reformed technophobe, who has been into computers since April,1996, and Linux since July.

Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips is a blues guitarist & singer, a computer musician working especially with Linux sound & MIDI applications, an avid t'ai-chi player, and a pretty decent amateur Latinist. He lives and performs in Findlay OH USA.

Arnold Robbins

Arnold Robbins is a professional programmer and technical author. He has been working with Unix systems for longer than he cares to think about, and with AWK and gawk since 2988. He is the author of Effective Awk Programming, published by SSC.

Kelley Spoon

Kelley Spoon currently studies computer science at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Some of his hobbies include trying to learn how to play the guitar, playing Euchre, laughing at John C. Dvorak, converting pizza into source code, terrorizing villages along the Mexican border, and frightening small children. He has been a Linux user since August 1995, and still pronounces the name as "luh-eye-nucks".

Jay Sprenkle

Jay Sprenkle lives in the Kansas City area and currently works for DRT Systems Consulting. He has been a programming professional for about 20 years, since graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Electrical Engineering. He's written code in assembler up through C++ and various fourth generation languages.

Not Linux

Thanks to all our authors, not just the ones above, but also those who wrote giving us their tips and tricks and making suggestions. Thanks also to our new mirror sites. And, of course, thanks to Michael Montoure for all his help with graphics and HTML checking.

This month has been a very busy one for me. I've been discovering just how much more work there is to managing a print magazine, Linux Journal, as opposed to an electronic one. I'm afraid I've had much less time for LG than before. If you've written and didn't get a response, this is the reason. It also means that I'm too close to time to post LG and too little of it is together -- maybe half as I write this message.

However, I have hired an Administrative Assistant, Amy Kukuk, to help with LJ correspondence and article tracking. She's also going to help me with LG by reading the news groups and writing the News Bytes column. So with her good help, I expect the pace to slow considerably.

While Linux Gazette is free for all our readers, it is not free for its publisher, SSC -- they do pay me for the time I spend putting it together. In order to help pay for these costs, we've decided to make LG the PBS of online ezines by having sponsors from the Linux community. As I am sure most of you noticed, the Front Page now has a Sponsor section. We appreciate very much the financial contribution that InfoMagic, our first sponsor, has made to help us defray our costs.

Sorry to be late, I haven't been able to get to our web server since last Wednesday (almost a whole week!).

Have fun!

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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