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About This Month's Authors

Larry Ayers

Larry Ayers lives on a small farm in northern Missouri, where he is currently engaged in building a timber-frame house for his family. He operates a portable band-saw mill, does general woodworking, plays the fiddle and searches for rare prairie plants, as well as growing shiitake mushrooms. He is also struggling with configuring a Usenet news server for his local ISP.

John M. Fisk

John Fisk is most noteworthy as the former editor of the Linux Gazette. After three years as a General Surgery resident and Research Fellow at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, John decided to "hang up the stethoscope", and pursue a career in Medical Information Management. He's currently a full time student at the Middle Tennessee State University and hopes to complete a graduate degree in Computer Science before entering a Medical Informatics Fellowship. In his dwindling free time he and his wife Faith enjoy hiking and camping in Tennessee's beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. He has been an avid Linux fan, since his first Slackware 2.0.0 installation a year and a half ago.

Jim Dennis

Jim Dennis is the proprietor of Starshine Technical Services. His professional experience includes work in the technical support, quality assurance, and information services (MIS) departments of software companies like Quarterdeck, Symantec/ Peter Norton Group, and McAfee Associates -- as well as positions (field service rep) with smaller VAR's. He's been using Linux since version 0.99p10 and is an active participant on an ever-changing list of mailing lists and newsgroups. He's just started collaborating on the 2nd Edition for a book on Unix systems administration. Jim is an avid science fiction fan -- and recently got married at the World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim.

Grant B. Gustafson

Grant Gustafson is Professor of Mathematics, the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Besides differential equations, he has an interest in microcomputers (since 1978), compilers, programming languages, system utilities and TeX typesetting.

Michael J. Hammel

Michael J. Hammel, is a transient software engineer with a background in everything from data communications to GUI development to Interactive Cable systems--all based in Unix. His interests outside of computers include 5K/10K races, skiing, Thai food and gardening. He suggests if you have any serious interest in finding out more about him, you visit his home pages at You'll find out more there than you really wanted to know.

Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes is the publisher of Linux Journal, and thereby Linux Gazette. He dreams of permanently tele-commuting from his home on the Pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula. As an employer, he is "Vicious, Evil, Mean, & Nasty, but kind of mellow" as a boss should be.

Mike List

Mike List is a father of four teenagers, musician, printer (not laserjet), and recently reformed technophobe, who has been into computers since April,1996, and Linux since July.

R. Frank Louden

Frank Louden has a degree in Computer Science from Purdue. While working on his degree, he also worked in the Medical center first as a Computer Clerk then as the Systems Manager. He currently works as a Programmer, which "is all the fun and a lot fewer headaches (read: It sounds like a hardware problem to me.)" He first installed Linux last March, so he knows the challenge a convert faces. On the personal side, he lives in a small town in north central Indiana and would love to organize a LUG but thinks it'd be difficult to find any other Linux users out here in the boonies. He has two cats, Mac and Catalina who he says "both know more about Linux than I do...but they never reveal their secrets!"

James McDuffie

James McDuffie is a 17 year old high school student who is looking forward to graduating. In college he plans to major in Computer Science and minor in English. He would like to be a writer while still working with computers. James wrote the article Connecting Computers via PLIP which appeared in issue #6 of the Linux Gazette. He has been an avid reader of the Linux Gazette ever since it was just starting out. And wishes that it continues helping the Linux community for some time to come.

James Shelburne

James Shelburne currently lives in Waco, Texas where he spends most of his free time working on various Linux networking projects. Some of his interests include Perl + CGI, Russian, herbal medicine and the Ramones (yes, you heard right, the Ramones). He is also a staunch Linux advocate and tries to convert every MacOS/MS Windows/AMIGA user he comes into contact with. Needless to say, only other Linux users can stand him.

Kelley Spoon

Kelley Spoon currently studies computer science at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Some of his hobbies include trying to learn how to play the guitar, playing Euchre, laughing at John C. Dvorak, converting pizza into source code, terrorizing villages along the Mexican border, and frightening small childern. He has been a Linux user since August 1995, and still pronounces the name as "luh-eye-nucks". Kelly has written another article for us about tcpd that will appear in issue 15 of Linux Gazette.

Jens Wessling

Jens Wessling is a 26 year old Research Scientist working for the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan. He has been playing with Linux since Kernel 1.0.99. He is married and has 2 cats. He is currently working on his Masters Degree in Computer and Information Science at the University of Michigan. Life frequently gets in his way.

Joel Wilf

Joel Wilf is a technical writer with a strong interest in computers and multimedia. He is also a screenwriter, whose credits include Supercarrier and Outsiders. Writing a script-formatting utility, under DOS, led him to the richer programming and text-processing environment of Linux. Offline, he enjoys reading and traveling. He lives in Encino, California.

Not Linux

Thanks to all our authors, not just the ones above, but also those who wrote giving us their tips and tricks and making suggestions. Thanks also to our new mirror sites. We get new ones every month. I was very excited to have both one in Russia and the new Italian translation site go up this month. (See the Mirror Page.)

My two favorite holidays are Valentine's Day and Halloween. Not sure I want to know what that little fact may have to say about my psyche. At any rate I hope the animated heart wasn't too annoying. I thought it was quite cute. Thanks to Michael, our web guy, for finding it and the roses to present to our authors.

Two days after Valentine's on February 16, Riley and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. In fact, we're celebrating all weekend -- a long one with the holiday -- by leaving town and telling no one where we are going. Riley is a very special guy, and we've had a great 5 years. I look forward to many more with him.

February 16 is also the birthday of my nephew Alex Carter. He's 14 and working on his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He's a smart kid and loves playing on his computer. I need to find the time to introduce him to Linux.

On a professional note, I am now Managing Editor of Linux Journal as well as Linux Gazette. Gary Moore and I have switched jobs--keeps things from getting boring. However, I refused to give up custody of Linux Gazette, it's just too much fun.

Have fun!

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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