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Q: Is it slower than Eggdrop?
A: There's some things that are slower, and some that are faster than Eggdrop.
But overall, they're about the same, and use about the same amount of CPU time.
This may change in the future though, I honestly expect Tcldrop to take about twice as much CPU time as Eggdrop.
I put a considerable effort into making the code as fast as possible.

Q: Is it written in C/C++?
A: No, it's written purely in Tcl.  Although there are optional Tcl modules (like blowfish) that are written in C.

Q: Is it stable?
A: It depends on what you mean by "stable".
It's written in Tcl, therefore it doesn't crash in the same way a C/C++ program crashes.
Usually, a bug in Tcldrop won't cause the whole bot to crash, it'll only cause a small part of the bot to not work.

Q: What are the advantages of running a Tcldrop over an Eggdrop?
A1: Portability; it will run in any environment that Tcl (v8.4.6) will run.
A2: You can run multiple Tcldrop's in the same process.
A3: Enhanced Tcl scripting ability...
Since it's written in Tcl, modifying any part of the bot should be fairly easy.
There's also many more Tcl commands and binds than Eggdrop has.

Q: Is it done yet? =)
A: It's about 60% complete.  What that means is that about 60% of what Eggdrop can do has been implemented in Tcldrop.
I don't recommend using it yet, unless you want to help develop it.

Copyright (C) 2004 Philip Moore (FireEgl)

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