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Introduction to jRisk

A java (GCJ/Classpath compatible) console game, inspired by the famous strategy game Risk.
Supports from 2 to 6 players and each player has a different colored army. The game is divided in turns, and every turn is divided in three moments: at the first, the current player gets reinforcements based on the number of territories and continents he controls and the cards combinations he has got. He must place ALL of his reinforcements in the territories he controls. Then he can choose to attack an adiacent opponent's territory. He can make attaccks until he wants. Finally, ha can move units from one territory to another adiacent territory. He can move any unit from start territory, as long as he leaves one unit behind. Now the current player's turn ends, and he gets a card if he makes a successful attack during his turn. The application manage every event as an object.
For every technical detail read the docs. For general info visit savannah.
Next planned features are:

The project is currently not being advertised until a stable development base is ready.

Downloading jRisk

jRisk can be found on http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/jrisk/ .

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