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Current stable version of GTKtalog: 1.0.4
Current 'devel' version of GTKtalog: cvs

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GTKtalog is a tool to make disk catalog: you can use it to create a really small database with images of files and directories of your CDs.

Then you can browse all your CDs very quickly, see contents of some files (tar.gz, rpm files ...).

You can assign a category and a description to each directory and/or file.

You can search files in your database using filename, category, description and/or file information parameters, and find in which CD the file you are looking for is.

With NCatalog, you browse and search for files in GTKtalog databases without X window. It uses ncurses to display a text user interface. Warning: NCatalog is compatible only with catalogs generated with GTKtalog-0.0.18 and older.

Thanks to Savannah to host our project

Copyright (C) 2003 Yves Mettier