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Current stable version of GTKtalog: 1.0.4
Current 'devel' version of GTKtalog: cvs

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  • Easy to use interface with directory tree and file list with many informations (icons to identify easily files type, date of last modification, file size, category, description and additionnal information)
  • Possibility to edit files, directories and disks with the right mouse button.
  • Disk, directory and file edition: delete disk, rename, set category, add description.
  • Extraction of informations from files during the CD scan with programs like rpm, tar or with plugins.
  • You can display file information with GTKtalog internal viewer or with any other viewer you choose (mozilla, xemacs ..).
  • With the "fast scan" fonction you can really easily add a CD to your databse. Just launch the "scan CD" function, and while you set the CD label, GTKtalog mounts the CD, scans, umounts and ejects it.
  • You can change and easily edit icons for each file type.
  • The catalog database is a file as small as possible.
  • When you edit directory or disk informations, you can propagate the category and the description in subdirectories and files without growing up the catalog size.
  • Easy to use search interface.
  • Search directories or files with many parameters: expression for file or directory name, selection of a specific category if necessary, expression for the description. All expressions can be case sensitive or not, shell glob or even regular expressions.
  • It's possible to edit directories or files in the search result window selecting them and using the right mouse button.
  • Now, NCatalog can do all READONLY actions of GTKtalog without Xwindow and GTK+. It just need ncurses 4.3 (maybe it can works with lower versions, but I haven't test it yet). However, NCatalog has not evolved as fast as GTKtalog and can only read files that only the old versions of GTKtalog generated.

Copyright (C) 2003 Yves Mettier