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To install grdesktop, you need the GTK+ 2 toolkit, the GNOME libraries and the rdesktop client. grdesktop has been tested on GNU/Debian Sarge and GNU/Debian Sid.
Other linux and *nix versions may also work, but has not been tested yet.

Latest stable release: 0.23

The latest source tarball can be downloaded from
See the INSTALL file for detailed instructions about building grdesktop.

The checkout the latest cvs code, see the following page for instructions:

Binaries are currently only available for the Debian unstable distribution. Please feal free to create distribution files for other unixes.

Apt sources can be find here:

OpenPGP Signature:
Released files are OpenPGP-signed. You could verify the signature with the following command:
$ gpg --verify grdesktop-0.14.tar.gz.gpg
gpg: Signature made Tue Oct 15 22:21:55 2002 CEST using DSA key ID 07447252
gpg: Good signature from "Thorsten Sauter i
Primary key fingerprint: FDDC 0E51 6020 5AFF 24A8  3F02 949B 25EC 0744 7252
Before you can do this, you must gpg --import the key below:
$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0x07447252

To use grdesktop you need the rdesktop binaries. Most distrubtions contains already a version of it. Otherwise you can download it here: