Everything has to do with everything else.

Fenfire is a Free Software project developing a computing environment in which you can express these relationships and benefit from them.

Please view a more detailed vision of the project goals.


Posted by:Benja

I've put two articles about Fenfire online: an article about Fentwine, an editor for structured information (in the RDF format) we're developing, and an article about the overall Fenfire project. The first article has been published in the proceedings of the FOAF Galway workshop (the "1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web"); the second article is an unpublished manuscript.


Posted by:Benja

I managed to get my Savannah account to work again, so I can update this page! :-)

Tuomas Lukka, the founder of the project, has left the group for personal reasons. The core team currently consists of Matti Katila and me.

We have a new proposed logo, which you can see on the left side of this page. An SVG version and a PNG version of the logo are available.

An article about Storm, one of our subprojects, is available from the Hypertext'03 conference website. I now have my homepage online, served through Storm.

Danny Ayers has blogged about Fenfire (with a follow-up), and I've written a bit about the current status of the project in the comments.


The first versions of FenPDF and FenMM (formerly FenMind) are now operational and we are enthusiastically started using them in our work. Therefore, we have published a couple of new screenshots for Your pleasure.

You may also except new animations recorded and published in the near future.


Summer is nearing its end, and we are almost back to full speed. Tuomas will be demoing FenPDF and ''FenMind'' at Internet Expo in Helsinki on 2003-08-27.

Our material from a seminar in the spring is available online: Fenfire goes N??rttiseminaari '03

At the same time, we're trying to get rid of more Gzz legacy, and have changed to new mailing lists.


Paperbot is online for browsing. It demonstrates the unique procedural textures that our LibPaper can generate.


Started using LibPaper's (still part of LibVob) unique procedural textures as background papers on Fenfire.org. Every page under Fenfire.org will now on have its own unique background paper, though textures might still change since they are not yet finally fixed in LibPaper.



Added screenshots page and some preliminary videos there. Added link to Project milestones.


More web pages. Vision of the project goals, documentation page and information for developers.


First version of this page replacing predecessor Gzz project information. A screenshot of PDF browsing with connections.


The Fenfire logo (a purple flame)