bakonf - A configuration file backup tool

Welcome to the homepage of bakonf. This python script creates a backup of all your configuration files, plus some extra informations about the system it runs on, to create a rescue archive. This archive can be used to recreate the system, in case of emergencies. Of course, since it doesn't backup your data, all the data you have is gone, but at least you can put the server up again quickly - this is very useful for a firewall, SMTP proxy, squid machine, etc. These machines don't store data, they only forward data.

Downloads:go here. Latest version is 0.5.1

Requirements: bakonf can run ony any Unix-like system which has python installed:

Usage: usually, you will install bakonf and configure cron to run it daily (an example, commented out cron file will be installed in /etc/cron.d). On my system, a full archive is <2MB, so you can have that written to CD. Afterwards, you can generate an incremental archive, and that should be <100KB, easy to encrypt and email. Recommended pattern is full archive each week, incremental archive daily.

Documentation: Man page is here. User manual is here: browse it or download More information about news, files to be downloaded, etc. from savannah.

License: bakonf is released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later. Copyright © 2002 by Iustin Pop.

Iustin Pop, <>
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