Welcome to XORP

XORP is the industry's only extensible open source routing platform. It is in broad use worldwide, with thousands of downloads by companies and educational institutions and an active international developer community. Designed for extensibility from the start, XORP provides a fully featured platform that implements IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols and a unified platform to configure them. It is the only open source platform to offer integrated multicast capability. XORP's modular architecture allows rapid introduction of new protocols, features and functionality, including support for custom hardware and software forwarding.

Message to the Community

We are pleased to announce release 1.6 of the XORP codebase. The XORP team and contributors have worked very hard over the past months and 1.6 is a huge milestone in the history of the XORP project.

Release 1.6 marks the first time we have put the codebase through a comprehensive and rigorous QA process, using some of the leading test tools in the market for layer 3 testing. This is just one of the many benefits of having the commercial backing of two high-respected venture capitalists and a larger core team.

Furthermore, here are some of the key improvements in the 1.6 codebase, based on your contributions and user feedback:

- Significantly improved memory performance on the BGP code (especially in scenarios with many peers)
- XRL performance improvements
- Improved policy code
- *NEW* VRRP support
- Numerous bug fixes (entire list is in 1.6 Release Notes available at www.xorp.org/releases/1.6/docs/RELEASE_NOTES)

Recently, we have noticed more users incorporating XORP into their projects, both non-profit and commercial, and want to continue to encourage the community to do so. With the recent worldwide financial crisis, organizations will be looking more to open-source as a cost-effective alternative to the high premiums other networking vendors charge, so help us spread the word about XORP.org and build the momentum behind open-platform networking!

Thank you very much for your interest and continued participation in the XORP open networking platform project. We appreciate the help and support the community has shown over the years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@xorp.net.

--The XORP Team
January 2009