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Re: [video] Need some information, please

Welcome Aboard fellow Phud wannabe... 

There are probably a miilion people looking at this same problem I'll bet, 
and running into the same walls. See the following for some idea as to 
the difficulty of the problem... 

First, LOOK at the size and complexity of the following board... this 
WILL do what you want for $250, if you can figure out the pinout of 
your notebook LCD, AND then build an interface board for it. (For 
another $65 or so EarthLCD will supposedly figure out what interface 
your LCD panel uses... HOW... I don't know.)


then look AGAIN at the following ton of hard work...

also see the following TI pinout for an LVDS interface chip

and see also...

and why do you need to build an interface board??? see...

As you can see, it is a complex problem. (So, if you write the verilog for 
a 14" TFT core lemme know... ;)

Saddly, I have no good info to give you on all of the various pinouts and 
interface standards... I'm still working on that part myself, although 
your right - there just ARENT that many notebook graphics card 
manufacturers and MY leftover notbook LCD is off an ATI Rage Pro Lt...

There Has GOT to be a place to LEARN about LCD panel Interface 
standards, AND how to tell what you've got... the EarthLCD guys can 
do it... why not us???

Mr. Richard Herveille would probably know about all these standards
maybe we can get his input on this thread.

Good Luck, I hope this helps alittle.
MSEE (Phud wannabe)

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Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 08:25:51 -0600 
Subject: [video] Need some information, please 

> Hello, everybody. I am a PhD Computer Engineering student at the 
> University 
> of Texas at El Paso. I am currently working on  building a 
> controller, so 
> that I can use a laptop LCD screen for some of my projects. One of 
> these 
> projects is to build a converter that will take DVI or VGA as input 
> and 
> drive the laptop screen as display for a normal computer. But I 
> would like 
> to take advantage of the relatively low price of laptop screens in 
> general 
> (about $100 for 14 in TFT displays) to enhance the usefulness of 
> other 
> projects. 
> My dilemma is that I do not know how these LCD screens interface to 
> the 
> graphics chip on the laptops in general. I was hoping that there is 
> some 
> standard for this, since there are very few graphics chip 
> manufacturers for 
> laptops. ATI and NVIDIA come to mind. Also, I would imagine that 
> laptop 
> manufacturers want to be able to easily switch suppliers. 
> So how does one interface to these LCD screens? There is a VGA/LCD 
> core on 
> opencores.org that I was hoping to leverage in some projects with 
> laptop 
> LCDs. 
> Can anyone shed some light on the issue? 
> Thank you, 
> Jan Beck 
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