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[video]about dct cores!!help me!

hello all:

       I am a chinese college student ,now i want to do something about 
dct transforms on the Altera FPGA,so i find Sherif Taher Eid's DCT cores 
and have a look and i have run it on the MaxplusII software,but the 
result is not right comparing with the calculated one,so i want to read 
the program and find the errors,but it is very difficult to me ,i have 
spent about one month in it,but i still cann't solve ,what i cann't 
understand is the subprogramme concerning to timing sequence,such as 
dct_core.vhd,Macx01,and so on, so i really need somebody's help,give 
me some advice ,here i thank you first!my email address is 

             have a good day!
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