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[usb] IP Core vs. USB chip...

We're working on an update to an existing USB design based on a 
NetChip chip.

I want to consider using a licensed USB 2.0 IP Core (Asic.ws' OC), 
but I'm unclear on the benefits of going this route.

I understand the benefits of much of the logic being easily updated by 
downloading a new version to the FPGA etc.

But I don't see the financial benefits.  The IP Cores I've read about all 
require a PHY chip that takes up about as much board space and traces 
as a dedicated USB chip.  (it was posted that USB OC used an Agere 
PHY which happens to have the exact same number of pins/balls as the 
Agere USB chip)

Then there is the normal $15k-$20k startup license fee, which I 
suppose the OC doesn't incur.  You need a lot more unit volume than 
we have if the $8-$10 difference between a PHY and full USB chip is 
going to pay off.

I am wondering if there are any USB IP Cores that require only a USB 
transceiver external to the FPGA?  So basically only 4 pins and traces 
would be required.

Thank you for any info.

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