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[openrisc] 419 Scam !!

To all that are not familiar with the 419 scams.
This is one.
Pease don't be fooled into participating.
They will take your money !!
FROM: Joseph Chea                                                    Date :

It is my pleasure to establish this communication with you. My name is
Joseph Chea .I am a member of the government of Liberia's internal cabinet.
As you may know my country has been embroiled in a civil war for the last 2
decades, during which factions on both sides have committed many atrocities.
Our president CHARLES TAYLOR is slowly losing his grip on the country and
will soon be forced into exile by rebel forces.
During the president's regime we acquired a substantial amount of wealth
through the sale of diamonds and other precious metals which we received for
our support of certain factions in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory
Coast. These funds total close to US$20,000,000.00 in cash and approximately
US$50,000,000.00 in diamonds. The said funds were transferred to a Financial
Services company that operates with a premium level of confidentiality.
It is well known that our president is under indictment for war crimes in
Sierra Leone and we fear that eventually most of his cabinet ministers will
face the same fate. The United Nations has imposed a travel ban on the
president and most of the members of his government so it will be virtually
impossible for us to access these funds and utilize them.
I currently possess all of the documentation, and passwords required by the
Financial Services Company to authorize the release of these funds and as
well to authorize the sale of the diamonds they currently hold in a deposit
box on our behalf. However if I myself or anyone affiliated with me, or the
current government were to attempt to access these funds I am sure they
would be frozen and seized immediately due to the current situation in our
country. Although there is no hard evidence as to the existence of these
funds outside of the presidents inner circle, there are many rumors floating
around the country that we have successfully hidden the millions and there
are many who would not hesitate to take our president's life, the lives of
his advisors, or their families in order to lay their hands on the said
As it stands now I do not know what the future holds for myself, my family
as well as my colleagues, which leads me to my reason for contacting you. To
ensure that these funds are not seized by either the U.N or whatever
transitional government the powers that be may put into place we need
someone who has no known affiliation with any member of the current Liberian
government to secure the funds on our behalf. We sincerely require your
assistance in this matter, and I hope that you will not refuse me. I
understand that this is a lot to fathom however without your help I am sure
that we will lose everything.
It is very difficult for me to reach out to you like this because this is a
transaction that will require a lot of trust between two parties who barely
know each other but I would rather take that risk than have all of these
assets forcibly taken away. For your assistance in this matter we are
willing to compensate you with 30% of the total from the sale of the
diamonds and the liquid assets, while 5% will be set aside to offset any
expenses in the transaction. The remaining 65% will be divided between
ourselves. I pray that you will contact me as soon as humanly possible at
this email address (
 I am sure you understand this is a matter of confidentiality and I hope
that this will stay between us.
I shall let you have my satellite phone number as we progress .


Joseph Chea


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