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[openrisc] Success!

	Just thought I would let everyone know that I have finally gotten uClinux
to run on my Digilent board with a 300K Spartan. I did have to build an 8M
DRAM board since the Digilent board does not have any memory.
	Basically I have synthesized the openrisc cpu with no cache, no
multiplier, the uart 16550, a trimmed down traffic cop and an sdram
controller that I wrote. Gate utilization is currently at 95% according to
xst, but I think there are a few unused bits and pieces I can remove to get
the utilization below 90%. 
	The cpu is clocking at 25Mhz and the dram at 50Mhz. The BogoMips are at
.81 which is pretty abysmal, but the slowness is due to the  dram
controller. I wrote it for simplicity rather than efficiency.
	If there is interest I can organize and post my work into cvs. 
	This configuration will not operate standalone, but if someone wanted a
low budget way to experiment with uclinux on openrisc, it is possible.

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