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Re: [fpu] FPU compilation problem

Substituting the following code in place of line 315 seems to work fine:

assign ok_shift_f2i = f2i_shft > 8'd56;
assign shift_amt = ok_shift_f2i ? 6'd56 : f2i_shft[5:0];
assign exp_f2i_1 = {{8{fract_in[47]}}, fract_in } << shift_amt;

Obviously you have to create two new wires as well (ok_shift and 

> I was hoping that someone might be able to give me a quick hand 
> with a 
> compilation error that I'm getting when trying to synthesize the 
> FPU 
> core in Quartus II 2.2.  The problem is in regards to line 315 of 
> Post_Norm.v: 
> assign exp_f2i_1 = {{8{fract_in[47]}}, fract_in }<<f2i_shft; 

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