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Re: [ethmac] Frame transmission and external memory

Yes you can implement an external memory,but I think it's not necessary
for you to implement such an RAM only with the size of 1KB.
Besides that,every time MAC tranmits or receives a frame it will read the 
BD.So if you expect the master interface to access the external 
RAM,you will waste many clocks.
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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 21:08:31 +0200 
Subject: [ethmac] Frame transmission and external memory 

> Hi all, 
> At the Ethernet specification document, page 28, it says that a 
> should store the frame to be transmitted first in the memory and 
> then 
> set a pointer to it at the buffer descriptor in the ethernet core 
> internal 
> memory. Can this memory be a an external memory, for example, a 
> SRAM bank at a XSV board? The Ethernet core can access this 
> external 
> memory chip directly through its wishbone master interface? 
> Regards, 
> Leo 
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