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[cvs-checkins] i2c/rtl vhdl/i2c_master_bit_ctrl.vhd vhdl/i2c_ ...

CVSROOT:	/home/oc/cvs
Module name:	i2c
Changes by:	rherveille	03/08/09 09:01:35

Modified files:
	rtl/vhdl       : i2c_master_bit_ctrl.vhd 
	                 i2c_master_byte_ctrl.vhd i2c_master_top.vhd 
	rtl/verilog    : i2c_master_bit_ctrl.v i2c_master_byte_ctrl.v 

Log message:
	Fixed a bug in the Arbitration Lost generation caused by delay on the (external) sda line.
	Fixed a potential bug in the byte controller's host-acknowledge generation.

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