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[cvs-checkins] or1k/gdb-5.3 config.sub configure bfd/config.b ...

CVSROOT:	/home/oc/cvs
Module name:	or1k
Changes by:	sfurman	03/08/15 03:06:28

Modified files:
	gdb-5.3        : config.sub configure 
	gdb-5.3/bfd    : config.bfd cpu-or32.c elf32-or32.c targets.c 
	gdb-5.3/bfd/doc: bfd.texinfo 
	gdb-5.3/gdb    : ada-tasks.c configure.tgt gdb.1 
	gdb-5.3/gdb/doc: agentexpr.texi gdbint.texinfo stabs.texinfo 
	gdb-5.3/gdb/rdi-share: adp.h adperr.h angel.h angel_bytesex.c 
	                       angel_bytesex.h angel_endian.h ardi.c 
	                       ardi.h armdbg.h buffers.h chandefs.h 
	                       channels.h chanpriv.h crc.c crc.h 
	                       dbg_conf.h dbg_cp.h dbg_hif.h dbg_rdi.h 
	                       devclnt.h devices.h devsw.c devsw.h 
	                       drivers.c drivers.h etherdrv.c ethernet.h 
	                       hostchan.c hostchan.h hsys.c hsys.h 
	                       logging.c logging.h msgbuild.c msgbuild.h 
	                       params.c params.h rx.c rxtx.h serdrv.c 
	                       serpardr.c sys.h tx.c unixcomm.c 
	gdb-5.3/gdb/testsuite/gdb.trace: gdb_c_test.c 
	gdb-5.3/include: dis-asm.h 
	gdb-5.3/include/elf: or32.h 
	gdb-5.3/include/opcode: or32.h 
	gdb-5.3/mmalloc: mmalloc.texi 
	gdb-5.3/opcodes: disassemble.c or32-dis.c or32-opc.c 
	gdb-5.3/readline/doc: texi2dvi 
Added files:
	gdb-5.3        : README.or32 
	gdb-5.3/bfd    : coff-or16.c cpu-or16.c 
	gdb-5.3/gdb    : jtag.c or1k-tdep.c remote-or1k.c 
	gdb-5.3/gdb/config/or1k: or32.mt tm-or1k.h tm-or32.h 
	gdb-5.3/include/coff: or16.h 

Log message:
	OpenRISC port of gdb-5.3 straightforwardly derived from gdb-5.0

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