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RE: [oc] problem about "petrify"


I have rechecked the INSTALL file and did like this:
[cherrxiao@sh-firebird ~]$ set path=($path
[cherrxiao@sh-firebird ~]$ setenv MANPATH
[cherrxiao@sh-firebird ~]$ which petrify
[cherrxiao@sh-firebird ~]$ ll /shome/users/cherrxiao/petrify1.10/bin/petrify
-rwxr-xr-x    1 cherrxia     1848219 Dec 23  1998
[cherrxiao@sh-firebird ~]$ petrify
petrify: Command not found.

What can I do next? :((((
Help me!

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From: Lars Segerlund [mailto:lars.segerlund@comsys.se]
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 10:29 PM
To: cores@opencores.org
Subject: Re: [oc] problem about "petrify"

  Is the file an executable with the x flag set ?

  If the file is there and youre using an absolute path, perhaps you are 
missing something simple ?

  what does ls -l <executable> say ? or file <executable>

  / segerlund.

cherrxiao@vip.sina.com wrote:
> Hi Segerlund,
> I have tested using absolute path to execute "petrify" and it still
response like this: " petrify: Command not found."
> What I do are:
> unzip the zip file, untar it.
> add the bin directory to path variable.
> but cant work.
> Would anybody having successfully run it on linux help me?
> My os is redhat7.3.
> Thanks!
> ==========================================================
>>Yes it can't find it, if you specify ./petrify it should work, >or att 
>>. to your path ( which is not recommended ! ). 
>> so 
>>should run it 
> cherrxiao@vip.sina.com wrote: 
>>Dear friends, 
>>Does anyone has the experience using petrify which is an asynchronous
circuit synthesis tool from this website? 
>>I download the "petrify-4.0-linux.tar.gz" (linux version) but it cannot
work. The error message is like following: 
>>% petrify 
>>petrify: Command not found. 
>>My operation system is Linux, but I don't know why it cannot run this
tool. Can anyone help me? 
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