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Re: [oc] x86 IP Core

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Dear ppl,

I would just like to remind everyone that building an IP core is simpler
than actually testing and verifying it.. even if we were to build an x86
clone (cycle/instruction/whatever), verifying it for 100% compatibility
would mean writing an *extremely* long and complicated test bench.. if
we finally get down and agree to work on an OCx86, it'll probably take
us a few weeks to write it and months/years to completely verify it for
actual use.. So, writing it for fun/proof of concept, is alright, but
for actual commercial applications, it would need much more..

But on another note, instead of writing a 100% x86 compatible
architecture, with it's mammoth instruction set, why not abstract what
specific instructions you'll need to achieve your task and to only write
the processor to handle those instructions?? I'm pretty sure that a
smart compiler wouldn't need all 6 different ADD instructions?? By
abstracting the specific instructions, we can have a simpler x86
sub-processor that is much easier to verify.. and if we don't need an
MMU, we can abstract that out too.. you get the idea...

just my 2c..

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with metta,
Shawn Tan.
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