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Re: [oc] Interested in developing CRT controller core

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From: "Damjan Lampret" <lampret@o... > 
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Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 18:08:20 +0100 
Subject: Re: [oc] Interested in developing CRT controller core 

> I've decided to code MC6845 CRTC. This CRTC can be used as a 
> building block 
> of a video controller core (graphics or text mode) although MC6845 
> is used 
> in CGA and not EGA/VGA. It is possible to use it in high resolution 
> applications though it was designed 22 years ago. ;-) 
> All internal/external signals are named like in original MC6845 
> datasheet. 
> At the moment horizontal sync is working and now I'm working on 
> vertical 
> sync. 
> regards, Damjan 
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