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Re: [oc] problem about "petrify"


Lars Segerlund wrote:
>  Yes it can't find it, if you specify ./petrify it should work, or att . 
> to your path ( which is not recommended ! ).
>  so
> %./petrify
> should run it

I have tested and can confirm that it works (so it's not the program). If you 
read the file INSTALL (included in the Petrify TAR-ball) you would have found 
that they recommend adding the Petrify PATH in order to run the program:

You should define properly define the variables PATH and MANPATH
of your environment including the "bin" and "man" directories
of petrify respectively.

Also for some testing, download the examples that are also available from the 
Petrify web page.

BTW: The linux binary works like a charm in FreeBSD.

Med vänlig hälsning, Yours

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