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Re: Universal Processor (was Re: [oc] x86 IP Core)

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 12:59, John Dalton wrote:
> Extending my original post a bit further:
> To tell you the truth (and as pointed out by others), I
> suspect this would be a very difficult project, possibly
> not even practical.  I've posted this just so the idea is
> entered into the mailing list archive and can serve as
> prior art if it hasn't already been patented.

If I understand the "prior art" concept correctly it has
to be something that has actually been build and sold.
Just writing something down ain't good enough.

On a similar note, a company in the states got a patent
issues for SoC bus structures. Making everybody who build
SoCs (including our wishbone) violating their patent !
Hmm, I wonder if ARM and IBM are pissed now ! Thats is
really messed up !!!


> (Maybe we should have a 'crazy ideas' mailing list?  Does
> anyone know whether such a mailing list archive would hold
> up as prior art in court?  I guess the 'wishlist' is along
> these lines, but it is not very interactive.  Maybe a
> 'wiki' wishlist would be better?)
> Regards
> John

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