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Re: [bluetooth] Bluetooth+8051

dear sir,

    i am aslo need information regarding interfacing bluetooth with 8015.

will u plzz guide me ... 

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From: "Michael Phillips B (EEI)" 

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Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 15:18:23 +0200 

Subject: [bluetooth] Bluetooth+8051 

> Hi, Firstly I am not a Bluetooth specialist, I need information 

> from anybody who has managed to wire up a Bluetooth Module to a 

> 8051 Micro (or compatable) and managed to establish bluetooth link 

> between Micro via Bluetooth to PC. 


>  -I would be interested in schematics/block diagram on exactly how 

> this was achieved 


>  - Also driver/control software to communicate with bluetooth chip 

> (Preferably C ) 


>  Kind Regards Michael 

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