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...making Linux just a little more fun!
By Jeff Tinsler


From the Webmaster's Keyboard

You may have noticed some changes in the presentation of Linux Gazette in this issue. Sponsor logos are now back on the front page, the layout has been changed some, and the back issue index is on a separate page. Along with these cosmetic changes, there's been a personnel change. Linux Gazette no longer has an editor. Mike Orr has done a great job as a volunteer editor but must pursue (hopefully) gainful employment. We'll look forward to articles from time to time (hint).

Posting of articles and making sure that the issue is published is now the SSC webmaster's job. As we progress to a total site makeover, you'll notice other minor changes such as the email addresses where authors submit articles, The Answer Gang, and others. The goal is to encourage more reader community participation both in article submissions and reader feedback forums. Ultimately, we hope to implement a CMS making participation easy and available for readers, authors, and me, the webmaster.

As we progress through the changes mentioned and reach what we believe to be our completed effort, we'll endeavor to create a forum for your input and suggestions. After all, if Linux Gazette isn't working for you, we'll want to know.

I hope you continue to enjoy not only this issue, but past and future Linux Gazette issues. Please come back often to see how we're doing.

SSC Webmaster


[BIO] Webmaster for Linux Gazette and other SSC sites. Currently residing in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Copyright © 2003, Jeff Tinsler. Copying license http://www.linuxgazette.net/copying.html
Published in Issue 93 of Linux Gazette, August 2003

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