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(?) The Answer Gang (!)

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¶: Greetings From Heather Stern
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(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

It's a party, by Jove! aargh, TrueReality strikes, he's caught in a trainwreq and can't host. nice that Amanda can be his backup, Pronto! The gals Rachel, Nadja, and Molly, help her jumpstart! Brunhilde, and edna handle the MUSIC, Thomas' brother gives out directions, and with my Best Effort I don't get lost.

everybuddy from the PostOffice was there, Cyrus, Althea, Ishmail, Fentun, Virge, Felix, Buffy, biff and their mutt. The old majordomo greeted us; the Maestro was in the rosegarden by the lilypond.

joe, kate, and ed were full of vim. DAVIS and JAMES brought out the snack tray: sawfish and bluefish with SAUCE, freshmeat with SPICE (ginseng, Oregano, SALT, and coriander, using a tenderizer), plus a Jellybean bowl. Jasper handed out CUPS of juice, c.o.l.a, WINE, Java, Espresso, plus all the virtual beer we could drink.

All is not Solid in the citadel though. Things got loco -- a Kaptain asked me into the ConferenceRoom so we could SpeakFreely. "The Comanche, Mohawk, Cherokee, are making a Martyr of the Apache, somebody's Wagon almost squished the Dillo, Wikki Tikki Tavi is holding the python and boa at bay, the nighthawk and our cat oneko are both chasing the cricket, the Anteater ate Langton's Ant and I'm afraid the BasiliX is about to turn them all into lawn ornaments. To top it off that pimp won't lose his smirc. Mama Mua, what a Maelstrom..."

"Don't Quake II much." I had a plan. Put a crafty SPiN on it and I Phorecast these FOLK would avert Doom and have a Grande time.

We should Definitely do this again next August.

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