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Qubism and HelpDex

By Jon "Sir Flakey" Harsem and Shane Collinge

[I'm putting these two cartoons on the same page because the cartoonists are borrowing ideas from each other, and because there are few HelpDex cartoons available at the current time. -Iron.]


Previous cartoons about Vi-agra, the evil vi paperclip, are in issues 54, 55, 66, and 67.

All Qubism cartoons are here at the CORE web site.

Jon "SirFlakey" Harsem

Jon is the and creator of the Qubism cartoon strip and current Editor-in-Chief of the CORE News Site. Somewhere along the early stages of his life he picked up a pencil and started drawing on the wallpaper. Now his cartoons appear 5 days a week on-line, go figure. He confesses to owning a Mac but swears it is for "personal use".

Shane Collinge

Part computer programmer, part cartoonist, part Mars Bar. At night, he runs around in a pair of colorful tights fighting criminals. During the day... well, he just runs around. He eats when he's hungry and sleeps when he's sleepy.

Qubism copyright © 2002, Jon "Sir Flakey" Harsem.
HelpDex copyright © 2002, Shane Collinge
HelpDex cartoons may be be published electronically, but may not be used in a public print publication without permission from the author.
Copying license
Published in Issue 76 of Linux Gazette, March 2002

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