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Help Wanted -- Article Ideas

Answers to these questions should be sent directly to the e-mail address of the inquirer with or without a copy to gazette@linuxgazette.net. Answers that are copied to LG will be printed in the next issue in the Tips column.

Before asking a question, please check the Linux Gazette FAQ to see if it has been answered there.

 Mon Jan 31 13:43:03 PST 2000
From: Linux Gazette Editor <gazette@linuxgazette.net>
Subject: Transmeta

[I'd like to see an LG article analyzing Transmeta's announcement, the Crusoe chip, and what it means for Linux. Is there anybody in the field of mobile computing or hardware who would care to write such an article? The Transmeta announcement itself is covered in the News Bytes section. -Ed.]

 Tue, 18 Jan 2000 09:11:57 -0700 (MST)
From: Neil Zanella <nzanella@tulip.math.ualberta.ca>
Subject: Digital Cameras


It would be nice if the next issue of the gazzette had an article on using digital cameras with Linux.

 Fri, 31 Dec 1999 09:23:13 -0500
From: Brian Cox <brincare@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Modems

I am a new user to Linux (Red Hat 6.0). I am currently dual booting between Windows 95 and Linux and I have a 56K winmodem install. I have not been able to get this modem to work under Linux. Can you suggest a good modem to upgrade to? Preferably one that will work under both my Linux and Windows installations.

 Fri, 31 Dec 1999 12:12:09 -0500
From: krishens <krishens@lynxus.com>
Subject: Users required to enter root-password? Red Hat 6.1

I have just installed version 6.1 and set up my modem to dial out to my ISP. However, when I log on as a user and press KDE>Internet>kppp a pop-up box opens up and wants me to enter the root-password! This does not seem right. is there a way to avoid having to enter the root pass word when logged on as a non-root user?

 Sat, 1 Jan 2000 14:11:05 +0800
From: Chang Jiang <changj10@hotmail.com>
Subject: About Linux-Win98 interconnect

Dear sir:

I realy got some troubles with Samba and need your help. After read every associated docs in the Samba documents and SMB-HOWTO, problem is there yet.

I'm trying to interconnect Win98 with Linux. My Linux is Redhat 5.2 with the Samba version 1.9.18p10. My Samba is started as deamons, that is, usind "smbd -D" and "nmbd -D".

After I set "encrypt = yes", I can use "smbclient -L WIN98PC" to access the Win98's share directories. But although I can see Linux PC, I cann't access Linux from the Win98, no matter set "security = user" or "security = share". When I do that, always got a "invilad password". So does using "net view" and "net use" command under DOS prompt. By the way, I had use "smbpasswd" to generate smbpasswd for each smb user.

While I can login Linux with smbclient on the Linux PC itself. So do on the Win98 PC's Linux system(My Win98 PC is dual bootable). I use the RPM to remove the Samba and install again, nothing changed.Then What can I do?

Here is the smb.conf file.

 Sat, 01 Jan 2000 22:01:45 -0700
From: Richard Flynn <rflynn@uswest.net>
Subject: Display support

I am trying to run Linux on a system with a NEC Multisync monitor. Where can I find a driver Or what monitor should I use.

 Sun, 2 Jan 2000 01:52:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Alexandre I.Gorelov, SFU/TRIUMF, tel. (604)-222-1047, ext. 64-89 <iaeg@alph04.triumf.ca>
Subject: Pentium-II Xeon and calculation speed

Hi guys, here I'm trying to get a little bit of help with my computer. I'm doing a very time expensive calculations using FORTRAN programs, compiled with g77 under Red Hat 6.1. First, on dual Pentium-II/400MHz and Pentium-III/450MHz computers I noticed, that when program size (RSS in top) is getting biger that approximately 600K computation speed dramatically decreasing by factor two. This slowing down agrees with the bus speed (100MHz) and L2 cache (512K, 200MHz). So, I've decided that the reason lies in the cache sped/size and bought (pretty cheap) dual Pentium-II/450MHz Xeon computer with 2MB L2 cache per proccessor that suppose to run at 450MHz and 512M SDRAM on SuperMicro mainboard. Unfortunately I did not find any difference in performance of this computer and still much cheaper dual Pentium-II/400MHz. Why is it? May be, Red Nat 6.1 somehow must be told explicitely about cache size? But I did not find any such option...

 Sun, 02 Jan 2000 19:16:11 -0500
From: walter muller <waltermullerorlando@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: connecting w98 and linux boxs

I have one monitor and would like to connect my w98 desktop with my linux desktop, what software do you recommend? thank you

 Mon, 03 Jan 2000 06:53:13 -0500
From: Rick Smith <rsmith13@tampabay.rr.com>
Subject: Tracing spoofed packets.


I have received a lot of spoofed packets to tcp port 139 (Net bios) within the last week. Also, most all probes I get to "known" Net Bus and Back Orifice ports, are spoofed. I would like to be able to trace these packets back to the true source. How do I go about doing this? What software do I need? What methods are used? (I don't plan to retaliate, just inform the proper authorities.) Seems to me, that this would make an excellent article for Linux Journal or the Gazette.

 Mon, 03 Jan 2000 12:45:07 PST
From: Ted Wood <ted_wood@hotmail.com>
Subject: Norton Ghost/LILO problem

I'm trying to create a dual boot image with Redhat and NT Workstation. I'm using Norton ghost version 6 to create the image. It will ghost fine but after ghosting, lilo comes up as "LI" only. The problem is fixable by booting to the Linux floppy and rerunning Lilo which rewrites the mbr. After that everything is great, but why won't Lilo work properly the first time? I've searched Symantec's page and I've tried the switches but they all result in the same problem. Please Help!

 Mon, 3 Jan 2000 16:23:38 -0500
From: David Morris <DMorris@dolfin.com>
Subject: Anti Virus programs for linux Red Hat 6


Is there a "definative" anti virul program for Linux? Any info appreciated!

 Tue, 04 Jan 2000 15:46:01 +0530
From: Pradish Mathews <pmathews@softhome.net>
Subject: Bug in Lockpasswd !!!

I have the Red Hat 6.1 version and the Lockpasswd utility is not working properly. Once i lock the account i am not able to unlock it.

 Tue, 04 Jan 2000 05:19:29 -0800
From: CvdBelt <CvdBelt@goplay.com>
Subject: HelpWanted!

Hi Gazette Readers!

I've installed RedHat Linux 6.0. If I want to create a bootdisk in RedHat setup, my system crashes. If you can help me, please send an e-mail to: CvdBelt@goplay.com

Thank you in advance!

 Tue, 4 Jan 2000 17:57:33 +0330
From: amin Zia <Help@mmm.gov.ir>

Dear Sir:

I'm looking for a way to get the users' information on my netware 4.11 from a linx machine. the information, including password, will be used for dial-up user authentication. Would you please let me know if it is possible.

 Wed, 5 Jan 2000 10:30:09 -0300
From: Luis Bogliolo <luisb@gbs.com.ar>
Subject: I habe a problem

I have a problem. I am trying to install in a linux Red Hat relase 6.0 Publishers Editor (Hedwind) a badge ethernet Intel InBusiness 10/100 and it is not recognized for the linux. The pc in which I work is a PII of 266 Mhz with 32 Mb ram, Possesses a badge of cable modem, and a modem of 56Kbps. I would Thank to who could offer me information of a solution.

Happy New Year, Luis A. Bogliolo

 Wed, 05 Jan 2000 09:31:41 -0500
From: rbruce <cva92@centurytel.net>
Subject: Sound Card Problem

I'm a very linux newbie. I have RH6.1. I can play music CD's and hear system beeps for KICQ. I'm using the KDE desktop. I have already tried sndconfig. I have system sounds enabled. The sound card is a Sound Blaster 16 System sounds just wont work. Any ideas?


 Wed, 5 Jan 2000 13:04:24 -0700
From: Akins Bobby Civ 28CS/SCBB <bob.akins@ellsworth.af.mil>
Subject: XTerms

To Whom It May Concern,

Can you tell me where to find information on setting up Linux Server/Client machines to act like server and thin clients. My goal is one powerful server with several smaller terminals using software off the server.

Thanks in advance.

 Thu, 06 Jan 2000 00:03:52 -0500
From: Darren Lehman <dlehman@azerty.com>
Subject: Subject: X won't start

I Have Reacently Installed LINUX on an Dell OptiPlex GX110 PentiumIII that I bought. I can boot up an login into root but when i issue the command the command startx to get X to star this is what i get:

execve failed for /ect/X11/X (errno 2)

and then 6

_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't Connect: errno = 2


Giving up

and Finally I wonderered if anyone could help a LINUX newbie.

 Thu, 6 Jan 2000 17:26:01 +0800 (HKT)
From: Samuel Lam <samuell@silver.hkabc.net>
Subject: Linux + Win98 Lan


Linux Redhat 6.1 and config to use Squid on the Lan.A modem PPP dail up to ISP and NOT with fixed IP.

Win98 client on the LAN can get the http_service from squid. But win98 cannot use Telent or ICQ Could someone tell me how to open the port or how to let the modem fully share on the LAN.

 Thu, 06 Jan 2000 16:43:00 +0100
From: Fisayp <fisayo@steineng.net>
Subject: Help Wanted On Domain Hosting Config

Please what are the necessary steps to take to host a domain and web site on a Linux system (Redhat)

 Sat, 08 Jan 2000 22:17:46 +0000
From: George Foussias <gfoussia@netcom.ca>
Subject: Linux and the MessagePad2000

Hi everyone,

I know it's possible to get Linux onto a PalmPilot, but I was wondering if anyone knows of or has heard of a port for the Apple MessagePad (aka the Newton). Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


 7 Jan 00 10:29:24 MST
From: Research & Development Gruop x <r_and_d_group@usa.net>
Subject: X Windows Configuration Problem

Res. Sir

I regularly visit your site. First of all I must appricate your efforts to assist users to solve their problems. ed.

I have got a project on Red Hat Linux, Oralce 8i and Apache Web Server platform.

I have installed Red Hat Linux 6.1 on my pc. However I am finding it difficult to setup my monitor. The X Window is not working at all( Commnad Line is working Properly). I kindkly request you to help me to solve the problem. I have tried to use Generic monitor and Video Card. Still it could not help.

My Hardware configuration is

      Card : SiS 620 with 8 MB Shared Memory on board
   Monitor : Samtron 45Bn
   Monitor Synchronisation :
      Horizonal : 30-55 KHz
      Vertical  : 50-120 Hz

As I have to complete the project in given time constraint, i request you to guide me as early as possible.

Waiting for your replay.

 Mon, 10 Jan 2000 12:27:59 -0600
From: Wagner Perlino (EDB) <wagner.perlino@edb.ericsson.se>
Subject: Win95-Linux small network with null modem

I am trying to build a small network at home with one Linuxbox and another Win95/Win98 box. I have no printer, but I would like to share files and use my Linuxbox as a gateway to the internet so that both boxes can use one single dial-up connection AT THE SAME time. Is there any link or suggestion for this type of connection ?

 Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:19:30 -0300
From: Carlos Germán Siufi <csiufi@puntoar.net.ar>
Subject: Router problem

I had two networks. One at the main office ( and the other at the branch ( I used two CISCO 800 ROUTERS to connect them. I can use tcp/ip normally ("ping", "ftp", "http" from one host to another remote host).

My problem is:

I can't see the remote PCs in Windows Explorer at the office. I configured a Linux server with DNS, Mail, Ftp but It still doesn't work. At the office I'm running IPX (there is a Netware 3.11 server) and TCP/IP protocols. Any idea?


PD: Sorry my english.

 Tue, 11 Jan 2000 12:32:01 -0300
From: Gabriel Ramiro Ferro <gferro@gamma.com.ar>
Subject: Desde Argentina

Perdón pero no manejo el ingles, lo que desearķa es que me informen como adquirir los CD de Linux en forma gratuita Desde ya muchas gracias.

 Tue, 11 Jan 2000 21:56:55 +0100
From: Ivo Naninck <inaninck@linuxfan.com>
Subject: Printing MS documents on Novell printer

Hello Gazette,

Can you please put the following question in your next Gazette?

On my Linux box (Mandrake 6.1) I already have the Novell Netware Client up and running. I can print textfiles from the command line to a HP Laserjet 4Plus printer which lives in a Novel NDS tree. However, some people like(?) to send me Microsoft Word and Excell documents. When I send these kind'o files straight to the printer, they come out real funny :-( I have Staroffice-5.1, with which I can read those files, but SO doesn't (AFAIK) have the ability to print to the kind of printer I must deal with. Any idea is very welcome!

Best regards, Ivo Naninck.

1st graffitiist: QUESTION AUTHORITY!

2nd graffitiist: Why?


 Wed, 12 Jan 2000 00:23:56 +0100
From: Jos vd Snepscheut <snepscheut@hetnet.nl>
Subject: vgetty and .rmd files


Is there a way to convert .rmd files (made by vgetty) into .wav files.

thanks, Jos (newbe)

 Wed, 12 Jan 2000 09:59:39 -0500
From: abc <abc@abc.com>
Subject: Partiton Magic 5.0 and Linux Installation

Hi !

I am not quite familiar with Linux installation and stuck at this point.

I have a new DELL with 13 GB hard-disk running windows98 second edition.

I bought Partition Magic 5.0 to create couple logical drives and Linux Native and Swap Partitions.

I am trying to install RedHat 5.2 using a bootable disk and a CD -ROM.

For some reason, neither disk-druid nor fdisk (in-built) recognizes my Logical Partitions.

On the Blue screen (driver information) it says:

/hda1 <size> Win95 FAT 32
/hda2 <size = 13 GB - size of C drive> 0x0f  (blank in type field)

That means, the installation process does not know there are couple of Logical Drives and also a Linux Native and a Swap Partitons. What does 0x0f type means ?

fdisk however shows there are partitions on MS-DOS propmt but installation program can not recognize them !

Is there anything I am doing wrong ? Any suggestions ?


 Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:54:09 +0200
From: Dina Yazbeck <dina.yazbeck@spacecom1.com>
Subject: Question

I am basically trying to host a domain and have all the e-mails of the users of this domain (remotedomain.com) sent to one particular Mailbox (such as remotedomain@myisp.net). This is straightforward. Assuming that the remote domain machine (LINUX) polls the ISP server. What is the procedure to use to retrieve this mail and distribute it to the respective mailboxes of the users? Do I have to use procmail? Is fetchmail sufficient for distributing the mail? Waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

Note: I am new to the Linux world; for that reason, please include details.

 Tue, 06 Jan 1998 05:41:58 +1300
From: M Murugan <Admin@easybrowsing.com>
Subject: How to encrypt in linux ..


I would like to encrypt the loginname in my linux-boot-dial floppy.

Is there any command like ASC(x) or chr(x) as in VisualBasic other than tr.

Thanks in advance

[Why do you need to encrypt your login name? The password is already encrypted. In any case, everybody knows the most powerful login is "root", so you would not be gaining any security. If you are concerned about people cracking your account, change your password.

Also, nothing prevents somebody from sticking their own boot floppy in with their own passwords on it. The only way to prevent this is to keep the computer in a locked room. -Ed.]

 Fri, 14 Jan 2000 15:38:17 -0500
From: Kevin Jon Schlossberg <spark@bladeforums.com>
Subject: ? about "logrotate" on RedHat 5.2...

Hi there! I'm a linux newbie, and I'm hoping that you'll be able to answer my questions, as I'm kind of lost.

We're currently running RedHat 5.2 on our server, and are using Apache as our webserver program. We've got about 30 or so websites running off the same machine, each with it's own Apache webserver. Our reasons for doing so is to prevent 1 website from taking out all of the rest if that particular process dies.

Since each website has it's own Apache server running, each site has it's own access_log file. Anyhow, a few of the websites have proven to be more popular than we thought they would be, and are generating about 1 Gb of logfiles every 7 days or so. Considering that we only have 9.1 gB of hard disk space, we've decided that it would probably be a smart idea to start rotating the logfiles each week.

I've been looking at the logrotate program that's included with RedHat Linux, and I'm a bit confused as to how it operates, and was hoping that you could tell me if what I'm thinking will work.

In the file /etc/logrotate.d/apache it lists

#/var/log/httpd/access_log {
#    postrotate
#       /usr/bin/killall -HUP httpsd
#    endscript

As what I'm guessing the default logrotation would be.

Since my configuration has the access_log files located at


I'm going to guess that I need to change

/logs/accountX/access_log for each accountX

Here's the crux of my problem though - the section that states

#    postrotate
#       /usr/bin/killall -HUP httpsd
#    endscript

is worrying me because I dont want to send multiple /usr/bin/killall -HUP httpsd signals over and over again if it's not neccessary.

Can I put the /usr/bin/killall -HUP httpsd command in the /etc/cron.daily/logrotate file so that instead of


/usr/sbin/logrotate /etc/logrotate.conf

it instead says


/usr/sbin/logrotate /etc/logrotate.conf
/usr/bin/killall -HUP httpsd

and have the /etc/logrotate.d/apache file read:

/logs/account1/access_log {
/logs/account2/access_log {
/logs/account3/access_log {
/logs/account4/access_log {
/logs/accountX/access_log {

for each accountX that I have?

Thanks for any assistance that you can give....

 Fri, 14 Jan 2000 16:02:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Mark Borg <mborg@mail.com>
Subject: Question on motherboard support

Hello, Some time ago I upgraded my machine from 486-33Mhz to PIII 500Mhz. I bought a PC-Chips M741LMRT motherboard which has on-board VGA, sound and modem. Linux installed ok on it and is really fast (boots up in less than 20 seconds!!), but X windows configuration is crashing when trying to detect the on-board VGA (I belive it's a SiS 5595 chipset). I am only getting 320x200 mode. When I amended the config file manually to get an 800x600 true-color mode, X loads, paints the background and hangs up. Anyone has used such motherboards? Or are there any patches for this motherboard? Regards

 Sat, 15 Jan 2000 16:38:55 +0530
From: Kumar V <datasol@vsnl.com>
Subject: Urgent Help Wanted

Dear Support Manager

We are installing Linux Kernel 2.2 with Redhat 5.2 in our Intel Pentium III @ 500 MHz system, with 256MB SDRAM which has integrated SiS 6236 AGP card with 8 MB Video Memory and Realtek 8139 Ethernet Adapter.

We are using SCSI hard disk with Adaptec Controller Card. We are facing heavy problems in getting recognized for SiS 6326 card in the installation of XWindows. The supported hardware list doesn't show the list of the above SiS 6326 Card. Please let me know how we can solve the problem and also let me know where i could download the drivers to make SiS 6326 card work in Xwindows and to support maximum resolution and Color Depth.

Please help me out where i could download the drivers and the procedure for making the SiS 6326 card work in Xwindows.

Hope you will reply to me immediately.

 Sun, 16 Jan 2000 12:58:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Wei Huang <pardxa@yahoo.com>
Subject: help

sir, I need some help.


I wrote a program of showing the contents of other program on the platform of LINUX,the compiler is g++, but got problems in statement 1 and statement 2.

First,I want to show the sentence in statement 1 ahead of the body of file being showed,but it can't appear in the proper position.I mean I want the program running like this:

This is the body of file
    FILE BODY...
This is the body of file
    FILE BODY...

but it running like this:

    FILE BODY...
    FILE BODY...
This is the body of file
This is the body of file

I don't why,how can it be corrected. Second,I had believed the statement 2 is illegal in grammar.Because if you define an array, char buffer[BufferSize] ,the BufferSize indicate the number of elements in array and should be a constant or at least be a const variable,and it can't be a variable, otherwise the program cann't be compiled. But the fact is this program is compiled smoothly and functions normally. What is wrong?

Question 2, I write a c program.

But when compiling, gcc reports that all the functions with "vga_" profix are undefined,what is the problem? I had included "vga.h" in my programe as indicated in "man" help on the usage of either "vga_" function.

 Mon, 17 Jan 2000 14:32:33 +0530 (IST)
From: Kenneth Conception <kenneth@darya.nio.org>
Subject: None

Hi, I have a computer with a 810 chipset on which i loaded redhat 6.1. This version does not have the required display card drivers.Pls advice me.

 Tue, 18 Jan 2000 17:04:04 +0100
From: Michael Schmitz <mschmitz@sema.de>
Subject: /sbin/dump crashes when doing incremental backup

Since upgrading from RedHat 6.0 to 6.1 /sbin/dump crashes when trying to do incemental backups:

madeira:[/tmp]# /sbin/dump -1 -f /dev/null /dev/sda1
  DUMP: Date of this level 1 dump: Tue Jan 18 17:00:38 2000
  DUMP: Date of last level 0 dump: the epoch
  DUMP: Dumping /dev/sda1 (/usr) to /dev/null
  DUMP: mapping (Pass I) [regular files]
  DUMP: mapping (Pass II) [directories]
  DUMP: estimated 710739 tape blocks on 18.27 tape(s).
  DUMP: Volume 1 started at: Tue Jan 18 17:00:39 2000
  DUMP: dumping (Pass III) [directories]
Segmentation fault
madeira:[/tmp]#   DUMP: SIGSEGV: ABORTING!

Does anybody have an idea of what might be the problem?

This is what's installed:


 Tue, 18 Jan 2000 08:04:20 -0800
From: knowmd <knowmd@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: modoms

need information on compatible modems to run with redhat 5.2 with pentium 233

 Tue, 18 Jan 2000 15:42:13 -0500
From: Christopher Hennessey <chennessey.STU_PO.FPLC@fplc.edu>
Subject: Law student with questions about Licensing and Linux

My name is Chris Hennessey and I am currently a first year law student at Franklin Pierce Law Center located in Concord, NH. Franklin Pierce is a law school renowned for its intellectual property program and it strives to educate students entering fields in the forefront of technology. I have been elected as a class representative for the Licensing Executive Society and have a strong interest in the field of software licensing. I am particularly interested in the "copy-left" movement in the software industry and I know that Linux is at the forefront.

I am currently trying to help organize this Franklin Pierce's annual Licensing Symposium which will be held on Saturday, March 25. I would very much like to have a Red Hat or Linux based representative come and speak at the symposium about what is going on in the world of freeware and shareware or other general software licensing issues.

As the Editor of the Linux Gazette, I am certain that you could help me. Perhaps you are interested or know of a Red Hat attorney or anyone who be interested in speaking at this event. The Licensing Executive Society is a global organization and this would be an opportunity to speak to law students from around the world about Linux.

I would really appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide for me, please contact me via email.

Thank you.

[Linux Gazette has no relationship with Red Hat, so I can't put you in touch with one of their attorneys. See RH's contact information at www.redhat.com.

The Free Software Foundation would be another good place to check, since licensing is their forte. www.gnu.org

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is not directly related to software licensing per se, but they have been very active in the past regarding net freedom, although I haven't kept track of them in recent years. www.eff.org -Ed.]

 Wed, 19 Jan 2000 01:16:14 +0100
From: Leonard <LT.Quivooy@quicknet.nl>
Subject: insmod and newbie to RH6.1


Where can i aks an question about a loadable module which i want to autostart at boot? an howto? I cannot find the right information, and or it's nog clear for me. I searched the linux Gazette and couldnot find it


Leonard Quivooy

 Wed, 19 Jan 2000 12:30:25 +0100
From: Ivan Suchy <suchar@penguin.cz>
Subject: Internal modem

Hello LG team,

I have HP Netserver E60 and don't know how internal modem I can use with it, and RH 6.0. Have someone some experience.

Thanx for any answer, sincerely

Ivan Suchy

BTW: installation on this server was without any problem, who wants I can send its hardware configuration.

 Wed, 19 Jan 2000 11:46:58 EST
From: <MartyFisher1@cs.com>
Subject: bash2


The bash 1-14 seems to be the standard bash for redhat even though bash2 is included. Can you tell me the reason for that ? and when that might change ?

Thanks, Marty Fisher

 Mon, 24 Jan 2000 05:42:36 -0500
From: glitch <pidpot@freewwweb.com>
Subject: 2 quick questions

I have two quick questions...

One concerns my modem. When i dial into my isp, my modem hangs up after connect every first time i try. so, it always takes exactly two tries to get going. What could my modem be NOT doing the first time that it ALWAYS figures out how to do the second time?

second, I would like to ask for a QUALITY set of general instructions on how to install things i download off the internet such as realplayer 5 for Linux which comes in rpm form. I have downloaded various programs from the net in rpm form, only to find very sloppy instructions on setting things up. In the case of realplayer in particular, I get a message (using rpm at the command line with the -i switch) that says realplayer is installed. But where does it get installed to? i can never find it... i type the executable command and get another message that core is been dumped. This is after having to copy the rpm into the /var/lib/rpm directory just so the rpm util can find things it needs to install my package in the first place.

hey, sorry, i just thought of question #3: I KNOW i created 3 swap partitions, but only one is enabled. (hda7) what are the names of my other partitons? i have altogether 4 partitions: one root and 3 swap. so hda1 is root and hda 7 is one of the swaps, but what is the convention for nameing devices to partitions? i tried to enable my best guesses (hda 5 and hda6) in linuxconf as additional swap partitons, but with no luck. how do i find them and how do i enable them? thanks.

I run redhat 6.1 with Gnome as my desktop on a amd 350 with 128 megs of ram, but i dont have any preference to desktops, so instructions to fit any of them will be greatly appreciated.

Please understand that i am working on almost six years of experience with computers and am not afraid to try new things. I am new to linux; however, I am not afraid to follow technical instructions, as long as they are accurate.

 Sat, 22 Jan 2000 13:14:56 -0800 (PST)
From: KAI T. HUANG <vkthuang@yahoo.com>
Subject: How to set up a external modem for the internet of Red Hat Linux?

Hi, I have installed Red Hat LInux. I brought a blaster V.90&K56flex external modem. I want to set up ppp. I set up ppp with this modem and was able to connect to my ISP with linuxconf. But when I tried to use nestcapte to access internet. I failed. Can you tell me what problem it is.

 Sat, 22 Jan 2000 13:18:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Victor Huang <vkthuang@yahoo.com>
Subject: How to use a printer to print out the result of X window program in red hat linux?

I wrote X window program abd run it in red hat linux. I want to print out the result with a HP laserjet 4 printer(print out the screen). But I don't know how to do that? How to save the screen and print out the screen link Window 98/95? Can you give me some idea?

 Sat, 22 Jan 2000 13:20:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Victor Huang <vkthuang@yahoo.com>
Subject: How to set up HPdeskjet 712c printer in Red Hat Linux?

Can you tell me how to set up HPdeskjet 712c printer in Red Hat Linux? Thank you.

 Sat, 22 Jan 2000 20:50:08 -0500
From: inkognito <inkognito@bay-net.on.ca>
Subject: linux install

ok i have redhat 6.1 and after i type startx in lilo i get a no screens found error message i have an ATI Rage 128 AGP with 16mb ram on it and a viewsonic e771-3 monitor im on 16 bit 800X600 can u help me?

 Sun, 23 Jan 2000 12:17:08 -0800
From: Garry J. NICHOL <102445.562@compuserve.com>
Subject: compuserve / linux

How do I connect to compuserve from my linux box using the pppd?

 Sun, 23 Jan 2000 15:46:09 -0600
From: Brent Gill <bgill@iastate.edu>
Subject: Install Problems

Ok, I'm a newbie to Linux... I'm trying to install Redhat 6.1 on my system which already has Win98 installed. During the install process, I encounter several problems. First, when I'm trying to partition my disk, I always get the message "boot partition too big", no matter what the size is. I can proceed with an error message if I make a separate "/" and "/boot" partition, however, about 20 seconds later, I get the message "Error in isys.py line 8 in umount System Error 16-device or resource busy". I downloaded the software, and I'm trying a hard drive install. Anyone have a solution?


 Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:41:16 -0000
From: Simon_M_Appleby <Simon_M_Appleby@email.msn.com>
Subject: Reconizing other drives via PCMCIA slots

Dear Sirs,

As I am new to Linux and have been given Red Hat 6.1. I have decided to put this on a Laptop.

My question is this :-

When Red Hat boots up it will default mount all file systems it knows about, including CDROM and/or Floppy (if present). If I wish to mount a Modem or another floppy (In this case a Iomega Click card) via the PCMCIA slots at the side of the Laptop, how does one achieve this ?. Are there any HOWTO's that detail this,or can you supply commands.



 Tue, 25 Jan 2000 20:55:56 +0100
From: Michiel Doetjes <pm.doetjes@eagle-i.nl>
Subject: Graphics all messed up...


Today I installed my very first Linux system! I guess it works fine, but I have big problems with my graphics card / monitor.

When I start Linux (using a bootdisk), X-Windows automatically loads. I do see the login screen, but it's far to wide! It's a bit like viewing a 1024x768 screen, while the monitor is set to 640x480.

Specs of my system:

Pentium II Mendecino, 366mhz
64 MB Ram
Intel 740 graphics accelerator, 8mb, AGP

I tried various options using xf86config, but I don't seem to get my graphics card to work.

After a nervous breakdown, my computer installed my graphics card as a Chips & Technologies Accelerator. This works fine too.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?



 Wed, 26 Jan 2000 15:19:19 +0800
From: pgy <pgy1@263.net>

I want to sale RedHat Linux 6.0 Offical Installtion Guide's Chinese Version, but I don't know how to sale this. Can you tell me?

 Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:10:11 +0800
From: Yau Chuan Hoa <ychoa@tm.net.my>
Subject: Redhat 6.1 Installation Problem

I tried to install REDHAT 6.1 but it hangs after the graphical partition page (Ctrl-Alt-F7), when it starts the partition/format process.

I boot using the AutoBoot.bat from DOS (Win98 startup disk).

My system : Pentium 133, with 64 MB of RAM. S3 chipset (correctly detected) HDD = IBM 1.7GB -> 2 equal primary partitions : FAT16 and ext2 (Partition magic v4)

hda : hda2, hda3      ??? Where is hda1 ???

Error message :

<4> hdc : ATAPI reset complete
<4> hdc : cd_rom_decode_status error = 0x34
<4> hdc : cd_rom_decode_ststus = 0x51 {DriveReady SeekComplete Error}
<4> end_request I/O error dev 16:00 (hdc) sector 1190936
<4> end_request buffer-list destroyed

Also, sometimes it hangs for a short while (10-15 seconds) during keyboard detection, after every mouse click, with the following message Error loading new keyboard description.

I tried to get support from Redhat, but it is not it is not helpful, especially in my country, Malaysia.


 Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:44:18 -0600 (EST)
From: Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick <fitz@twister.jsums.edu>
Subject: Outgoing mail problem

We are attempting to set up our linux machine such that it can used as a POP server. On a Windoze machine, Eudora software successfully retrieves email from the machine. However, when we try to send email through the linux machine, the email bounces back.

By the way, using email tools such as pine on the linux machines itself works fine.

I am open to suggestions.

 Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:30:11 +0100
From: Giuseppe Luigi Bombelli <bombelli.giuseppe@sri.enel.it>
Subject: Informazioni

Salve a tutti sono un neofita di Linux, ho installato Linux dal CD di ioProgrammo funziona tutto a meraviglia solo non so come settare il modem che funziona solo a 9600 pur avendo un modem a 56K della Trust.

Vi chiederei dove eventualmente reperire informazioni su questa operazione, possibilmente in italiano data la mia scarsa conoscenza della lingua Inglese.

In attesa di un vostro gentile riscontro porgo cordiali saluti.

 Fri, 28 Jan 2000 08:06:34 -0600
From: Ian Timshel <timshel@escape.ca>
Subject: Subscription

Hi there. Is the Gazette something I can subscribe to or do I need to return to the site to update. I also noticed the info on typing tutors was dated from the fall of 98. Are you still actively working on this paper? Cheers! Ian

[You will need to return to the site for the next issue. Each issue is posted on the first day of the month.

If you wish, you can subscribe to the announcement list at lg-announce-request@ssc.com. Put the single word "subscribe" in the message body. Then you will receive an e-mail announcement every month when the issue is posted.

Our articles are contributions from our readers. I do not know of any author planning another typing tutor article. However, I will print your letter in the Mailbag to show there is interest in such an article. -Ed.]

 Fri, 28 Jan 2000 18:14:13 -0000
From: oliver cameron <oliver@hii.co.uk>
Subject: Upgrading to shadow passwords

I am running RH 4.2 and I need to convert my existing etc/passwords file to the shadow passwords format used on a new RH 6.1 installation. Can anyone give me a simple explanation of how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, Oliver.

 21 Jan 00 16:26:47 PST
From: Mike Craft <moiloa@netscape.net>
Subject: Driver for ATI Xpert @ Work PCI card

Hi! girls and boys,

I'm new user and believer of yhe Linux O.S and I need help badly.I'm looking for a driver for an ATI Xpert @ Work 8Mb PCI card. Where can I get it?

I'm using a Red Hat 5.2 and my monitor is a Mitsubishi Diamond Scan, model FA3415AT4 60Hz. HF:15.7 - 35.5 Hz, VF:45 - 80 Hz Mx Display 800x600

Could someone help, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

 Mon, 24 Jan 2000 16:44:15 +0100
From: Martial Farad <mfarad@ifrance.com>
Subject: problème

Bonjour, Je sais que ce n'est pas un mail pour les débutant qui ne connaissent rien, mais j'ai vraiment besoin d'aide. J'ai un lecteur de disquette externe, et je n'arrive pas à le monter sous linux. Il me renvoie le message:

Mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/fd0 as a block device (Maybe 'insmod driver' ?)

Pourriez-vous me dire ce qu'il ne va pas ou me donner une adresse de site ou e-mail qui pourrais m'aider. Je vous en serai très reconnaissant.

 Sun, 30 Jan 2000 21:25:49 -0500
From: Ze'ev Ionis <zionis@interlog.com>
Subject: Running an NT command from Linux (or vice-versa)

I have two PCs on my lan - an NT4sp6 box and a RHLinux6.1 box. They share a UPS. The UPS has hardware and software which will allow it to send a shut-down command to just ONE box. That box then has to send a shutdown command to the other. I know how to do this if they were both running NT (there is a command in the NT resource kit to allow you to send a remote shutdown). But I have NO idea how to do this from one OS to the other. Any ideas?

 Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:38:49 +0200
From: Zlotnikov yuri <zlotniko@macs.biu.ac.il>
Subject: CPU resource distribution

Please, send me any article about CPU resource distribution (sharing) in Linux.


General Mail

 Sun, 2 Jan 2000 20:34:49 -0400 (WST)
From: David Santo Orcero <irbis@activanet.es>
Subject: None


I tryed ftp link [ftp.ssc.com] with netscape and with ncftp and now it works fine.



 Mon, 3 Jan 2000 12:53:35 GMT
From: <rupert.linux@btinternet.com>
Subject: Postscript or HTML editions of Gazette

I've read the FAQ on Gazette distributions.

I would like read the Gazette either as HTML or PDF format.

The FAQ talked about being able to use the "Print to file" option of Netscape to produce a postscript version of the Gazette which Acrobat viewers would be able to read (I assume).

I've tried exporting the front page of the Gazette to a postscript file which netscape the extension PRN onto. I've tried renaming the extension to PDF to see if the Acrobat viewer would take the file. It didn't.

If I can't use Acrobat to view the Gazette, I'm fine using HTML format if I can get the pages downloaded onto my local PC to view them offline. Apart from using a web page archiving program, how else would I be able to view the Gazette offline?

regs rupert heesom

[If your goal is to read the Gazette on screen off-line, download the FTP files (FAQ question 3).

If your goal is to print the Gazette, just use the "Print" command in your browser.

The FAQ was trying to say that Netscape's "Print to File" option (on Linux) produces Postscript. PDF is a different file format from Postscript. Acrobat and xpdf are PDF viewers; gv is a Postscript viewer. I have reworded the FAQ answer to make it more clear. -Ed.]

 Tue, 04 Jan 2000 02:47:59 +0000
From: Malcolm Macsween <malcolm@arcadia.softnet.co.uk>
Subject: The Answer Guy LG #49 - psychic, already .....

The answer guy is really excelling himself this month ....

How exactly did he help me to fix my Mosix cluster on the Linux 2.4 SMP cluster in Oct , 2000 - I've forgotten already. Sorry - maybe you can refresh my memory .... perhaps my memory management module is faulty, but I seem to have forgotten the whole year.

[The Gazette's Y2K problem was a result of Jim's time machine coupled with my too-successful attempt to change the copyright dates in bulk. The dates are fixed now. -Ed.

 Thu, 06 Jan 2000 16:41:01 -0500
From: Anderson Silva <afsilva@liberty.edu>
Subject: [Fwd: type, tepy, tpey, ytep, type...]

There is a mistake in the Developing Web Application Article (Jan 2000).


-------- Original Message --------

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

"...how to create your won guest book..."

And if there are two thousand people pounding away in it then we'll have a won ton guest book.

[Fixed. Do I get a fortune cookie? -Ed.]

 Tue, 11 Jan 2000 23:02:40 +0100
From: Reinhold Baldauf <rbaldauf@nikoma.de>
Subject: Abo

Hi out there, please tell me, how i can get the gazette regularly - i'm living in germany Kind regards

[Linux Gazette comes out the first day of each month at www.linuxgazette.com and its mirrors, including four in Germany. Please see www.linuxgazette.com/mirrors.html and www.linuxgazette.net/faq/index.html -Ed.]

 Wed, 12 Jan 2000 09:25:33 -0800
From: Marjorie Richardson <mlr@ssc.com>
Subject: SuSE reseller not playing fair in Uruguay

From comp.os.linux.announce:


These pages are a open letter to the Linux Community signed by a group of users to show the problems that they are living with the name LINUX in Uruguay.

Uruguayan SuSE reseller wish to obtain exclusive rights on the LINUX name

With No. 316.081 of August 30, 1999 has been filed before the Uruguayan Trademark Office a trademark application for registration of the LINUX name to International class 42 (computer related services). This application has been filed by Mr. Francisco Pereira and Mr. Enrique Place de Cuadro, addressed at 1207 Pedro Berro Street, Esc. 603, of Montevideo, Uruguay. In accordance with the official publication from the Industrial Property Bulletin No. 6 of December 1999. Mr. Pereira and Place are part of the firm called LinuxTECH who is the reseller of the SuSE Linux distribution for Uruguay. This is a improper proceeding by somebody to obtain exclusive rights over the LINUX name through the known way to register the trademark in the own name. Since Mr. Pereira and Mr. Place have started their activity in Uruguay with LinuxTECH company they have not stopped to looking for seize exclusive commercialization of Linux in Uruguay:

Firstly, they obtain the exclusive representation to sell SuSE distribution, with which they prevented that anybody can import SuSE Linux, as several people of the Uruguayan community came doing. This has been resisted by some users who, by means of protest, have obtained that German SuSE send the new distritutions directly to them. Immediately they created its own company calling with a copy of the wellknown Suisse company LINUXTECH. Of course, they also filed their own trademark application LINUXTECH under No. 316.082 saying thath the name LINUXTECH is of their own property. Into their commercial name they do not doubt to place the word LINUX (LinuxTECH). Without any doubt the use of the world LINUX in the commercial name allows they to rise to the prestige that enjoys LINUX in the market, taking advantage of the freedom that enjoys LINUX for its generalized use. (Nobody would be happend to initiate a computer company called MicrosofTECH of WindowsTECH, seeing that without doubts it would have legal troubles). Afterwards, they register under the .uy DNS the domain www.linux.com.uy, being in the knowledge that the Uruguay Linux User Group have and use the domain www.linux.org.uy since 1997. With this action Mr. Pereira and Mr. Place want to "capture" the unprepared internaut who looking to accede to the UYLUG site falls in their pages. Finally, they try to make official the deffinitive apropriation of the LINUX name appling the registration in their behalf.

The Uruguay Linux User Group -UYLUG- through representatives of their Board of Directors has tried to dialog with Mr. Pereira and Place to obtain at least the withdrawal to their improper application of registration but without any doubt, it is facing people which use aggressive commercial tactics and do not know the opening principles, cooperation and solidarity that exist into the Linux community.

From already the Uruguay Linux User Group will take ahead all the legal and out-legal actions to obtain these two people do not see made the LINUX name total control.

Montevideo, January 6,2000

Signed by:

Pablo Boix, Federico Gamio, Heber Godoy, Manuel Perez, Rodolfo Pilas, Andres Tarallo

 Sat, 15 Jan 2000 21:13:28 -0700
From: Warren Young <tangent@cyberport.com>
Subject: More history!

I really enjoyed the "history of rm and rmdir" article in your January issue. More, more!

 Mon, 17 Jan 100 13:55:38 GMT
From: <jgomsi@apolo.umh.es>
Subject: issue49.html not loading


I just want to say that from home with my 56K modem I can't load the html_in_a_file Linuxgazette (Not Explorer neither Navigator).

But here at university I can do it from a fast mirror.

[A few people have experienced this. The cause is not known. What happens if you use another mirror? -Ed.]

 Tue, 18 Jan 2000 00:55:05 -0600
From: PJ Wessel <ibi@greencis.net>
Subject: To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I recently wrote an article, The Penguin and Me, which appeared in the January Issue of Linux Gazette. I am thrilled at the response from your dedicated readers, but feel I must reply publicly to some misconceptions on my part that proved to be incorrect.

First and formost I must make clear that my experiences, although very limited, are with the Linux-Mandrake 6.0 distro only. I have no experience with or personal knowledge of any other Linux distribution.

Linux-Mandrake, 6.0 is compiled for Pentium machines. It will not run under 386 or 486 machines. However, early versions of Mandrake such as 5.3 which was optimized for the Pentium processor should run very well. Thanks to Civileme, of the Mandrake "Expert" group, I now understand that other distributions may vary, and, many of them are compatible with the 386 and 486 processors.

Linux does not support all dual processor motherboards. However, all motherboards should support dual-boot systems.

I apologize for any inconvenience my comments may have caused.

Thank you for the opportunity to apolgize to the Linux community, to the gentle readers who have generously given their time to comment, and to the publisher of Linux Gazette.

 Wed, 19 Jan 2000 10:54:39 +0100 (CET)
From: Dipl.-Stat. Detlef Steuer <steuer@statistik.uni-dortmund.de>
Subject: January 2000: The Hunger Site

Thank you very much especially for the link to the hunger site!

PS: I like the Gazette, too :-)

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