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Almost-but-not-quite Linux...

By Ben Okopnik

Almost-but-not-quite-Linux images from the streets. Thanks, folks - and please keep them coming!

Um... Free gas? REALLY? Vive la France!
(Sent in by Anton Borisov)
"Yes, it's Free. No, it's not free. Yes, we're still working on both the mass replication and the WiFi-based "straight-into-the-tank" delivery..."

Linux - Food for Thought
(Sent in by Anderson Silva)

yum install ale fruit nut cream halibut beef kaffeine sabayon squid java vinagre coriander boxes baskets ...

"Don't mind me - I'm just restocking the deli shelves."

Retrench or die
"Years ago, we used to be a big and powerful company, but now we're downsizing like everyone else..."


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His subsequent experiences include creating software in more than two dozen languages, network and database maintenance during the approach of a hurricane, writing articles for publications ranging from sailing magazines to technological journals, and teaching on a variety of topics ranging from Soviet weaponry and IBM hardware repair to Solaris and Linux administration, engineering, and programming. He also has the distinction of setting up the first Linux-based public access network in St. Georges, Bermuda as well as one of the first large-scale Linux-based mail servers in St. Thomas, USVI.

After a seven-year Atlantic/Caribbean cruise under sail and passages up and down the East coast of the US, he is currently anchored in northern Florida. His consulting business presents him with a variety of challenges, and his second brain Palm Pilot is crammed full of alarms, many of which contain exclamation points.

He has been working with Linux since 1997, and credits it with his complete loss of interest in waging nuclear warfare on parts of the Pacific Northwest.

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