Thank GNUs

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1998 Supporters

Patrons Sustaining Contributors Contributors Supporters

Patrons ($5000 or more)

AT Computing (Netherlands)
Bibliotek-Systemer (Norway)
ID Software and John Carmack
Kyoto Micro Computer (Japan)
Red Hat Software
Responsible Solutions and Russell Brand
Robert A. Biersack
Robert T. Morris

Sustaining Contributors ($1000 to $4999)

Bala Coomandur
Brent W. Baccala
Brian Gough
David Ignat (Austria) (cyberspace)
Donald and Jill Knuth
ECC2K-95 Crackers (cyberspace)
ECCp-97 Crackers (cyberspace)
IKARIOS (France)
Intelliguard Software
JF Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung (Germany)
Kazuhisa Ichikawa (Japan)
Lynn H. Quam
Neal McBurnett and Holly Lewis
Nihon Sun User Group (Japan)
Open Systems Consultants (Norway)
Paul Eggert
qmail Security Challenge Committee
Terence O'Gorman (Ireland)
T.H. and Patricia I. Puckett
United Way contributors
Yutaka Niibe (Japan)

Contributors ($500 to $999)

Anirvan Chatterjee
Bradley Yearwood
Computer Science Laboratory, Duke University
Cygnus Solutions
David Hampton
Dean Brettle
Empire Technologies and Robert Krupczak
HP Computer Users' Association
Jeffrey C. Fried
John Zapisek
Lewis Patterson
Linux Nyumon authors (Japan)
Lon H. Preston III
Peter van der Linden
Scott A. Bendar
Todosha (Japan)
William L. Menninger

Supporters ($100 to $499)

Albert Flügel (Germany)
Al Carruth
Andreas Rohlfs
Andreas Voegele (Germany)
Andrew P. Alleman
Anthony Panos
Antony P. Joseph
Arnold Robbins and SSC
Brent G. Ewing
Cheng-Kun Wang (Taiwan)
Christian Tanzer (Austria)
Christopher Browne
Cole Thompson
Consolidated Paper Foundation, in the name of Christopher Wipf
CSA Engineering and Warren Gibson
Dan C. Carroll
Daniel Klett (Germany)
Daniel Rourke
David Elliott and Pauline Tang
David H. Goodlette
David Updegraff
Donald Patterson
Don L. Scarborough
Edward C. Soniat DuFossat
E.P. Avis (England uk)
Eric Gutt
eyegive, llc
Frank and Pamela Pittenger
Franz Hollerer (Austria)
Geoffrey S. Knauth and family
Gerald Turner
Gregory Malenchak
Gregory P. Reagle
Hanan M. Herzog
Information Management Dept, Chaoyang U. of Technology (Taiwan)
In-seok Hong (Korea)
James and Carol Prescott
James and Kathleen Cole
Janeson T. Keeley
Jan Theodore Galkowski
Jean-Francois Cayula
Jeffrey G. Donner
Jill and Ken Olstad
John Fitzgerald
John Gaidos
John P. Schneider
John Smyth
John Tobey
Joseph F. Garvey
Joseph Freeman
Kouichi Kimura (Japan)
Krishna Kunchithapadam
Lee A. Shombert
Leonardo Lizada Calagday
Lex Romanczuk
Louis Vitela
Mark Linksvayer
Mark Rustad
Mark Santesson
Matteo Frigo
Michael Coleman
Michael C. Poteet
Michael D. Kupfer
Michael Johnston
Miguel E. Jimenez
Mike Thomas
Neal Galbo
Nick G. Pidgeon
Nick Kricheff
Not Another Writer (Dan Gookin)
Paul Budnik
Paul Laub
Paul Reilly
Perl Programmer Certification Project
Peter Neumann
Ralph Ellis
Remote Sensing Group, Space Department, DERA (England UK)
Richard D. Bronson
Richard Schultz
Robert A. Biersack
Russell Senior
Sandra Sheu
Sean Medina
Spark, Ltd (England UK)
Stanley H. Zisk
Starshine Technical Services
Steven Bakalis
Steven W. Snyder
Susan A. Slotnick
T. Dan Bracken, Inc
Thomas and D.K. Thorpe
Thouis Raymond Jones
Timothy Chow
Toshinori Endo and Shuwa Systems (Japan)
Trane Francks (Japan)
United Way contributors
Vance Petree
Vance Strickland
VA Research
Vladislav Malyshkin
Wayne Schlitt
Westley Sherman
William D. Arnold
Wizardry (John and Carol Belew)
Zallisoft Solutions

Smaller Donors

Thanks also to the multitude who made smaller donations.

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