Thank GNUs

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1997 Supporters

Patrons Sustaining Contributors Contributors Supporters

Patrons ($5000 or more)

Derald H. Ruttenberg Foundation
Kazuhisa Ichikawa (Japan)
Kyoto Micro Computer (Japan)
Nihon Sun Users' Group (Japan)
Red Hat Software
Seiko Epson (Japan)
Yutaka Niibe (Japan)

Sustaining Contributors ($1000 to $4999)

Andrew Hall and Natalie Olsen
ASCII Corporation (Japan)
Cygnus Solutions
David Ignat (Austria)
Donald and Jill Knuth
Doug Evans
HCC C Users' Group (Netherlands)
Neal McBurnett and Holly Lewis
NeXT Users' Society (Japan)
Nord Family Foundation
Open Systems Consultants (Norway)
Paul Eggert
X Consortium

Contributors ($500 to $999)

Arnold Robbins and SSC
Bradley Yearwood
Brian Gough
Computational Logic and Warren Hunt
Guddland Digital (Luxembourg)
Hiroo Yamagata (Japan)
Stephen G. Schoggen
Terence O'Gorman (Ireland)
Vernor Vinge

Supporters ($100 to $499)

Aaron Hillegas
Alexandre Valente Sousa
Alfredo Reed (Spain)
Andrew Alleman
Andrew Bishop
Anonymous, Chinese U. of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Anthony Bradford
CSA Engineering and Warren Gibson
Donald Patterson
Don Scarborough
Edward C. Soniat DuFossat
Geoff Knauth and family
Gerald Alldredge
Harry Hickey
Ian Haggard
IKARIOS (France)
Inergy Online
Internet Tools and Mark McCreary
ITiV AB (Sweden)
James Gaidos
Jeff Byers
Jill and Kenneth Olstad
John Baxter
John Goebel
John Smyth
Joseph Buck
Josh DuBois
Ken Clark (Canada)
Lex Romanczuk
Louis Vitela
Lowell Johnson
Matteo Frigo
Matthew Pharr
Maurizio Cachia
Mike Mull
Mike Thomas
Norman Shapiro
Paul Budnik
Peter Neumann
Ram Gopalaswamy
Richard Schultz
Rick Bronson
Robert Biersack
Robert Reynolds
Rob Schecter
Stanley Zisk
Stefan Rajec (Germany)
Steve Wadlow
Sun Users' Group - Deutschland (Germany)
T.Dan Bracken Inc, in honor of Marcus Daniels
United Way contributors
Vance Petree
Vance Strickland
William Swats
William Webber (Australia)
Wizardry (John and Carol Belew)
X Market
Yukitoshi Fujimura (Japan)

Smaller Donors

Thanks also to the multitude who made smaller donations.

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