ZotzBrothers POS Plus

Welcome to ZotzBrothers POS Plus.

This will be a POS, A/R and Inventory program.

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This system started out in the early to mid eighties as a computer based, drop-in replacement for a Burrows posting machine, ledger card, A/R system. I started as a dBaseII program running on an Epson QX-10 with dual floppy drives. We needed to run upwards of 20 thousand A/R accounts at the time, so we had to be a little inventive. We decided we could do it if we put the programs on the first floppy and the data on the second. We could then break down the accounts into "Controls" of 1000 accounts each on seperate data floppies. Then, we would store only account balances in the files, transactions would continue to be recorded on the same ledger cards as had been used by the Burrows machine. (This baby sounded like a jet warming up!)

We moved to a 20 Meg external hard disk on the Epson at which point we added an inventory system and a sales invoice posting system. Later, we moved on to various PC compatible systems using dBaseII and Clipper. Later still, there was an attempt to move to a Foxpro Win system that was aborted.


The plan right now is to reproduce the functionality of the current system with the following minor improvements (which should make a big difference in the day to day operations) :

  1. Drop use of ledger cards and keep transactions in database
  2. Allow posting of monthly payments on account at the cashier's window and printing of payment receipts
  3. Allow account history and status to be reviewed at the desks of managers responsible for credit approval
  4. Allow inventory status to be viewed at the same locations
  5. Allow invoices to be input into the system in real time and printed from the system
  6. ???

This will be a first and very rough cut. I expect much, if not all of it to be thrown away and completely re-done. I have looked around for several years now for free software to do this, but have not found a good match. Hence, this effort. If you would like to help, please contact me.

Technologies Used

  1. Foundation: Gnu/Linux
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. Python
  4. Glade
  5. Libglade
  6. PyGTK
  7. PyGnome
  8. Misc other Glue

It is being developed using Postgres, python, glade, libglade, and the necessary glue.

	all the best,


Please check out the project pages here: ZotzBrothers POS Plus Project Pages