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April 2003,

Ah, some feature requests! Well, request. Well... requests, but I've ignored most of them. I mean, do we really need a distributed YaRET? Is the world ready for that?

Anyway, the request we did feature is the spaces to underscore option. Though, I mean, is this really necessary? In anycase it's now there, so I hope you all appreciate the sweat and blood that went into this feature (cough, one line). Enjoy 2.0.8!

October 2002,

Well, it's been a while, but that's because we've had no bug reports. That is, until just now. Oh no!

Don't fear, we've* squashed the sucker. In fact, it seems to only effect SMP machines. So if you haven't had problems with 2.0.4, then you won't even need to download 2.0.5! But we know you will anyway, because you love us.

In semi-related news: Would anyone care to fix that one annoying bug left in YaRET? You know the one, the bug that leaves your work directory full of weird named, but empty, directories! Anyone who fixes it gets my Cool Guy award. I will even change the title to Cool Girl if that happens to fit better.

So, in anycase, does almost six months of no bug reports means that YaRET is perfect? No matter how tempting it would be to call YaRET perfect, I'm sure there are some things that can be improved, or even already broken!

But I can't find any! (Er, except for that outstanding bug I mentioned earlier). This means I need people to send me suggestions, bugs, whatever! It would even be nice to know if anyone even uses it, since we don't have fancy counters and such on this site. So far I only know three people use it: Adam (me), Marco (the original author) and Chris (the guy who submitted the SMP bug report). This is a rather lonely universe, so let yourself be heard: email .

(* By we, I don't necessarily mean me)

March 2002,

Success! YaRET seems to be reasonably popular, and no serious bugs have been found after about a month of testing. Those that have been found have been squashed, and several minor features have been added. We also now have a screen shot , though it is is a graphic file (sorry console devotee's!).

February 2002,

One is hesitant to put dates like the one above on your web page -- fearing that this stamp may prove some fatal age upon the whole of the project. Visitors will come and see not the treasures within, but the bleak and stifling dust collecting on that date -- a prophet of mortal age.

But no such hesitation shall befall these authors. For a new release is here!

Announcement: YaRET 2.0 is released! Yummy!

For those lucky enough to have used YaRET in the past, then you know a happy day has come. YaRET has been completely re-written (still in Perl) and supports many new features, and several old features even better. For the full skivvy jump straight to the Features section.

What is YaRET, what does it do? And more importantly, what does it do for me?

YaRET is a Perl program designed to make life easier. At least, the lives of those terminally obsessed with owning digital libraries of their music. YaRET aims to make encoded music easy to create -- put a CD in your drive, type 'yaret' and then a few minutes later, tasty encoded music is on your hard drive!

Here is a four step example:

  1. Insert the new CAKE CD you just bought
  2. Type 'yaret'
  3. Wait for the CD to pop out (Perhaps watch some Toonami?)
  4. Listen to your new music straight off your harddrive (They could be in Ogg format, MP3 format, whatever you setup YaRET to make)


What does YaRET offer? What does it support?

I'm glad you asked:

What does YaRET run on?

Well for certain, we know it runs on Debian Linux. But since it is written in Perl, it should work on any Unix platform that supports Perl and the Perl Modules that YaRET uses.

What does YaRET need to run then?

YaRET needs these to run:

Download you say?

Ah a most eager guinea pi... er, volunteer just follow this link:

Download Area

We also recommend our test subj... excuse me, volunteers visit the project page, which contains information on accessing CVS, mailing lists, etc... Overall, a very useful link:

YaRET's Project Page


YaRET was originally written by Marco Nenciarini and rewritten by Adam Luter.

YaRET is written in Perl and is availabe under the GPL license.

This space is dedicated to our most excellent sponsors:

The Savannah Project

Thank you very much for your hosting resources!!! (Party on!)

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