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XWEM is extremly usable and configurable Window Manager, if you are familar with Emacs editor, then you are automatically familar with XWEM.


There are many of different window manages in a world. And no one can solve proble that it must - manage windows how user want from. XWEM project will try to make window manager, which will combine power and flexibility, as Emacs do.

Some links to different window managers:

Ion - powerfull tabular window manager.
sawfish - default window manager for Gnome project.


Screenshot are at 800x600 16 bits:
xwem-strokes.png - Shows you XWEM stokes in use.
xwem-tray.png - Shows system tray and dockapps.



You can get latest XWEM from its CVS repository.


No realeases for XWEM.


Here is mailing list for XWEM project, but I forgot admin password for it, if someone can tell me what should I do in way to change it, please email me.

If you have any ideas or code which you wish to have in XWEM, or want to join our team please contact me, or anyone who already in project.


Some xwem documentation you can find here, but it not finished yet.


Here is wiki page dedicated to XWEM - XWEM Wiki page.