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Xpt - A GUI for Panorama Tools


Xpt isn't a working tool, just a proposal. However, there are alternatives:


A working GPL tool that does the same job, this is Panorama Tools PTopenGUI. Currently this is windows only, but in principle can be made to compile on Linux.

PTopenGUI does work perfectly well on linux using the Wine emulator, there are instructions and a download if you are impatient and just want to get something working right-now.


Hugin is a cross-platform successor to PTopenGUI. Hugin is written in C++ using the wxWindows toolkit, it is currently (June 2003) under active development.

Mailing list

Anyone interesting in helping out, coding, testing or lending encouragement with Hugin and PTopenGUI should subscribe to the ptx mailing list.


There are some general panoramic photography links elsewhere.


Xpt is a Free GPL user interface for the Panorama Tools developed by Helmut Dersch and released under the General Public Licence.

The idea is to create a Free, and better, alternative to the equivalent non-Free front-end appplications: PTGui, PTAssembler, ControlPoints and PTMac. Xpt will work on unix or unix-like systems, however there is no reason why it can't be made to work on other operating systems at a later date.

Panorama Tools includes a few utilities that help in creating part of the scripts required to build a panorama but these tools leave a lot to be desired. The process of creating a final image requires you to make changes to scripts that use a very non-friendly syntax.

We want to provide a program that will allow you to create any kind of panorama and that lets you change every input parameter using a clean and user-friendly interface (See the Screenshots of the mockup to get an idea). It should be possible for new users to start creating images right away and to make the work of veteran users faster and easier.

Project page

There is more information at the Xpt Savannah project.


2003-June-14 web-page update
Since xpt is effectively dead, link to alternatives
2002-June-08 web-pages created
Now there is somewhere to point to for information
2002-Apr-26 now code in cvs
The existing code is now in cvs.

Further information

You can Download the source from cvs.

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