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XBobble is a Puzzle Bobble/Bust'a'Move clone in 3D. And that's that.


(04 November 2002) First official release 0.01 (see below)

(26 July 2002) UPDATE: I now have a Geforce2 MX 400! WOOHOO! Let's get going!

(12 May 2002) NOTE: work on xbobble has stopped due to lack of 3D acceleration on my GNU/Linux box.


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These are the requirements for this package (or will be once it is complete.) Ones that are optional are marked as (Optional.)

Download the pre-alpha now and try it out! Sorry for the docs, they're a bit naff.

In the mean time, here are some jokes courtesy of my brother!

A man walks into a bar... ouch.
[ Hacker's alternative ] A man walks into a bar... foo.
What's long, brown and sticky? A stick.
What's green, furry, and goes up, down, up, down... A gooseberry in a lift.

Ok, I'd better break it up now, the police are calling....